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Date More places Price adult Price child up to 18 years Additional information
10:00 09-May (Thursday) Available seats: +6 3'857 3'429
10:30 16-June (Sunday) Available seats: +20 3'857 3'429
10:30 30-June (Sunday) Available seats: +20 3'857 3'429
10:30 21-July (Sunday) Available seats: +20 3'857 3'429
10:30 11-August (Sunday) Available seats: +18 3'857 3'429
10:30 25-August (Sunday) Available seats: +20 3'857 3'429

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Route: Minsk
Distance: 150 km
Duration: 06:30 hour
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian, Belarusian

Pansky maentak Sula - the elite center of a cultural and social life of the 18th century. The restored estate of a sort Lensk represents the place where it is possible not only to have a rest, but also in an interactive form to get acquainted with history of the Belarusian lands from times of pagan beliefs, eras of medieval knights, till times of balls and salons of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Here the past and the present, measured life of the ancient shlyakhetsky estate and convenience of the modern tourist center meet..

The excursion program includes: a solemn meeting at the gate with musicians; Drakkar ride on the Sula River (taking into account weather conditions: sleigh rides (or chaise); visiting animation areas; demonstrations of blacksmithing and working on a pottery wheel; visiting a brewery with a tasting of the elite drink “Starka Zapolsky”. After the excursion, you can visit the interactive sites of traditional culture on your own: bakery, pharmacy, weaving, Jewish shop, shapovalnya, beekeeping, post office.

The excursion program

The excursion program - Excursion to the Grand Duchy of Sula

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group Belarus, Minsk, railway station, 1st floor, Central escalator, (metro station Ploshcha Lenina)
  • Moving
    Moving in Rubezhevichi (60 km)
    Rubezhevichi is a place known from the XIII-XIV centuries. During the period of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XVI century, not far from this place was the border of the principality - from Brest through Minsk, Novogrudok to the Dvina and Pskov possessions. Hence the name - "boundary". Later, alongside the Rubezheviches, there was another border - the Polish-Soviet border, which lasted until 1939. Today, the Rubezhevychi agro-town is rich in man-made historical monuments: it is the Jewish cemetery, restored by students of the College of Siena (New York, USA) under the direction of Dr. Michael Lozman in 2008, and the burial place of the victims of the Nazi invaders (360 Jews were taken to the forest belt and brutally killed) - "Shlya the Time". Also, the local pharmacy, which specializes in herbal preparations, gained wide popularity. This is a family business, which has existed for more than one generation.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Saint Joseph`s church in Rubezhevichi (visual inspection)
    Saint Joseph's church – the executed dream of the petty bourgeois Anthony Tur. In the 19th centuries he dreamed to build by all means in Rubezhevichakh a church: happened at the tsar in St. Petersburg three times and asked about the construction license. Without having got approvals, established on one of hillocks a stone with words that the temple exactly here will be built. For such trick, Antonija with family banished for 7 years to Siberia. It returned already with the construction license which excellent and majestic result you will see during the excursion. And "Tur's stone" still lies at a main entrance in the Iosifovsky church, reminding of old times events.
  • Moving
    Moving in Sula (7 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Pansky maentak Sula
    In the Pansky maentak "Sula" will be glad to offer you acquaintance to way of the pansky yard, work of the masters recreating ancient technologies in operation. You will pass expensive Belarusian history of 10 000 years. The grand welcome accompanied by musicians and a horse escort will ship you in history of Belarus: Slavic beliefs, secrets and messages of megalytic constructions, cults, ceremonies and traditions of our pagan ancestors, participation in an Old Slavic ceremony of clarification by fire. In a weapon smithy the most dexterous and skillful will be able to shape an amulet for luck, to split a stone, for construction of the lock. And how leisure in the 18th century was corrected? You are waited by saber fight, demonstration the shlyakhetskikh of entertainments and traditions, master classes in old-world shlyakhetsky dances, tasting of specialty drink - Starka. The interactive program – a fascinating and fascinating way of acquaintance to history and traditions of the past centuries.
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (59 km)
  • The end of the tour

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