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Photo - Kostyukovichi

The population: 15.9 thousand. Status: Average The year of foundation: 1508 Mogilev region, Kostiukovichy district

Location - Kostyukovichi

Kostyukovichi - city in Belarus. Center of Kostyukovichsky district, Mogilev region. Located on the river Zhadunka. The most eastern of all the cities of Belarus. There is a railway station Kommunary in the town on the line Krichev - Unecha (Russia), road junction to Klimovichi, Krasnopole, Khotimsk, Cherikov, Surazh (Russia).

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History of the development - Kostyukovichi

For the first time, Kostyukovichi is mentioned in chronicles since 1508 as one of the ancient Slavic settlements of the Radiczic tribe.
Kostyukovichi already in the XVI century was a trade center. After the partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1772 Kostyukovichi became part of the Russian Empire.
In the middle of the XIX century there were 1,650 people, 310 courtyards, an Orthodox church, a synagogue, a three-county parish school in Kostyukovichi. Crafts were developed: pottery, cooperage, carpentry.
In the years of the pre-war five-year plans, the industry processing local raw materials began to develop in Kostyukovichy. In the 1930s industrial plant, a flax factory, a brick factory «Progress» were built here.

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Tourism potential - Kostyukovichi

You can learn more about the history of the development of Kostyukovichi in Kostyukovichy Museum of Local History.

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Location map - Kostyukovichi

GPS Google: 53.351284′ N, 32.058564′ E