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Kostyukovichi ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 14 Location: Kostyukovichi, Mogilev region

Kostyukovichi ethnographic museum was created June 18, 1973. It is based on the museum of military glory. Previously housed in a wooden house, and in 1990 moved to a purpose-built two-storey building of the demonstration area of 242.2 m2. The total number of museum objects is 22176, of which the main fund is 15438, scientific auxiliary is 6738.

Of cultural events are held in the museum: "An Evening at the Museum - the spiritual and aesthetic vacation for the whole family", Creativity Festival of veterans "Do not get old soul veterans", Museum-pedagogical program "Origins", Exhibition creativity of people with disabilities, the presentation of exhibitions, creative etc. In the evening there is the museum souvenirs presented booklets, calendars, magnets, dolls, herbalist, etc. The research activities carried out in the museum aims to explore different themes: "Kastyukovschina. Local Features of towel", "Crafts and crafts Kostyukovschiny the second half of XIX - early XX century", "Kostyukovschina. Ethno-national architectural features of the home, farm buildings peasant household late XIX - early XX century", "The victims of political repression on Kostyukovschine in 20-50th years of XX century", "Kostyuklvschina during the Great Patriotic war", "The traditional food culture inhabitants Kostyukovschiny end of XIX - the first third of the twentieth century", etc.

Photo - Kostyukovichi ethnographic museum

    Exposure - Kostyukovichi ethnographic museum

    1. ”Archaeology” collection includes single discoveries in the district: stone axes, hoes, core praselki, finds discovered during excavations at the ancient city of Old Russia on Kanichi in 1996 - fragments of molded pottery, animal bones, metal products. Cores - fragments of worked flints.
    2. ”Bonistics” collection includes paper money period of the Russian Empire, USSR, Soviet Union, the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, Belarus and paper money of other countries: Germany, Hungary, Japan, Poland, etc.
    3. ”Military History. Weapons ” related to the collection of firearms: three-way rifles, revolvers, "Revolver", "Mauser" machine "Schmeisser", smooth-bore guns, 48 mm cannon artillery.; edged weapon: bayonets, bayonet knives, dagger, sword, ammunition (cartridge cases, gunpowder, grenade casings) and ammunition (flasks, pots, bags officer).
    4. ”Graphics” in the collection are posters on the Russian and Belarusian, devoted to the holidays: day of the Victory, Day of Knowledge, Cosmonautics Day, etc.
    5. ”Fine Works” in the collection includes museum paintings, sculpture, decorative and applied arts. Paintings-countrymen Barhatkova A.S., Barhatkova I.A., Korol'kova V.M., Zakharenka A.N., scenic panorama on the cut birch Chichaeva Y.S.. Paintings of Belarusian artists Vasilenko N.E., N.M. Fedorenko, Pervushinskih BI Sculptures and other historical figures in plaster and metal, plaquettes, models etal.
    6. ”Book Fund” collection includes printed books, the collected works of Lenin, books and Belarusian Soviet writers.
    7. ”Movie-phono documents” collection includes records of companies "Melody", "Сhord", "Muzg", "Supraphon", "Ligo Rigas" and flexible plate, "Horizon - a musical souvenir", a CD with songs and music of the Soviet and foreign artists, DVD drives with recordings of movies about writers, fellow countrymen, Belarusian poets and writers.
    8. ”Foundation of the Literary Museum of the national poet A.A. Kulesheva” collection includes photographs, documents, books autographed A.Kuleshova, personal items, sculptures, paintings, household items, clothing, musical instruments belonging to the national poet A.A.Kuleshov.
    9. ”Numismatics” attributed to the collection of coins of the Russian Empire, USSR, etc.
    10. ”Personalities” submitted documents, books, manuscripts, personal papers and personal correspondence of famous countrymen: writers, poets, distinguished teachers, doctors, lawyers, communications, war veterans and others
    11. ”Household items and appliances” collection features household items, appliances, veksilologiya, musical instruments, clothing.
    12. ”Nature Collection” are stuffed birds and animals, minerals, rocks, sculptures in stone.
    13. ”Faleristika” attributed to the collection of medals military, labor, anniversary, badges, pins, medals table.
    14. ”Ethnography” some music items and 50 years of the twentieth century, typical for the area, towels, postilki, folk costumes, shoes, scarves, belts, scarves, poduzorniki, pillowcases, household items, carts, sleighs, cooperage, etc.

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    Address 213640, Republic of Belarus, Mogilev region, Kostyukovichi, Lenin st., 21 GPS Google: 53.346345′ N, 53.346345′ E