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Photo - Dombrovka

Location - Dombrovka

Dombrovka is located in the Grodno district of the Grodno region.

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History of the development - Dombrovka

Dombrovka - one of the gateways of the Augustow Canal, which was built in the XIX century. alloy and wood products pools connects Visla and the Neman.

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Tourism potential - Dombrovka

Lock of «Dombrovkа», erected in 1828-29 according to the plan of Ignatius Prondzinsky located at the 92nd kilometer of the August channel. reveal all text

Where to go in the Dombrovka? All about restaurants, entertainment and other services

Individual and corporate excursions - Dombrovka

Location map - Dombrovka

GPS Google: 53.8628768′ N, 23.6229534′ E