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Photo - Chausy

The population: 10 thousand. Status: Average The year of foundation: 1604 Mogilev region, Chausy district

Location - Chausy

Chausy is the administrative center of the district of the same name in the Mogilev region. The city is located on the banks of the Basia River - the Prony tributary. The distance from Chaus to Mogilyov is 46 km, to Minsk - 253 km, to the border with the Russian Federation - 72 km. The roads of Chausy are connected with Mogilyov, Krichev, Mstislavl and Cherikov.

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History of the development - Chausy

Chausy first mentioned in the chronicle sources in the XVI century. as the village Chausovichi. In 1560, the Grand Duke Zhigimont Avgust presented the village to Vasily Nemirovich - the ancestor of Nemir, who faithfully served the Grand Duke of Vitovta in Lithuania. The development of the village proceeded at a rapid pace and already in 1604 the settlement became a city, and in 1634 Chausy received the Magdeburg Right and its own coat of arms. In 1654, during the 13-year war between the Commonwealth and Moscow, Russian troops captured Chausy. The Belarusian nobleman Kastusy Poklonsky, who served with the Russian tsar, organized a Cossack detachment in the city. In time, Kastus Poklonsky began an independent policy, which the king did not like. Then the nobleman went over to the side of the Commonwealth, thus he helped the Belarusian cities to remain independent from Moscow.

However, in 1772, as a result of the First Division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Chausy nevertheless became part of the Russian Empire. The Russian Empress Catherine II presented Chausy to Count Dmitry Tolstoy, who made the city one of his residences, built a palace and laid the park. Unfortunately, to the present day, of all the palace and park complex, only one economic building has been preserved. In 1919 Chausy became part of the Gomel province of the RSFSR, since 1924 - as part of the BSSR, the center of the district.

Today Chausy is a modern city in which enterprises for the production of dairy products, building materials, flax processing, educational and cultural institutions, and a hotel operate.

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Tourism potential - Chausy

You can visit Chausy while relaxing in the house of the hunter La Proni, which is located in the Chausy district. There is a local history museum, in the city itself, the exposition of which tells about the history of the Chaussky region from antiquity to the present day.

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Location map - Chausy

GPS Google: 53.8013000′ N, 30.9531002′ E