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Route: Minsk
Distance: 60 km
Duration: 03:00 hour
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian
Minsk - the city the hero. The city where in war the largest city anti-fascist underground in Europe worked. In Minsk also the fourth has been created in size in Europe the extermination camp. It is the city which has fully felt all cruelty and lawlessness of fascism: Genocide, Holocaust, Occupation and horror... infinite horror of military years. But here, in ruins of Minsk, and the German army has learned about inaccessibility and courage of the Soviet people. - Belarus is independent, Minsk - his ancient and modern capital - is free and with pleasure welcomes guests. Memory of military years is kept by memorial complexes and the museums.
The excursion program

The excursion program - Military Minsk

  • Attraction
    Attraction Independence Square
    If outcomes of roads are thought up for unloading of streets, then the area – for «unloading» and rest of people. One of them – Independence Square. Having taken a place of honor in the downtown, it collected around itself a set of sights: the most beautiful church of Minsk and the oldest university, government buildings and the biggest monument to Lenin in the former Soviet Union. The modern landscape was added by lawns of greens and fountains, cozy shops and glass domes of the three-storyed shallow city – Shopping Center Stolitsa.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Nezavisimosti Avenue
    The eponymous handout originates from Independence Square though earlier it changed the name 14 times. It is the central and largest highway of Minsk, the large-scale work of art and the keeper of memory. He remembers a great number of politicians, writers, artists… Nezavisimosti Avenue — the only example of so long site of urban development where it was succeeded to keep unity of a form and style fully. The avenue applied for entering into the List of the World heritage of UNESCO.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Freedom Square
    Not each city can brag of 2 centers – the Belarusian capital was lucky here. Besides the modern center with the Government house, the historic center with a symbol of city self-government – a town hall remained. The graceful small streets surrounding it with fancy lines of houses, medieval temples and monasteries – all this gives to Liberty Square special unique color. From all city not only tourists, but also locals are flown down here to feel spirit of old times and to enjoy live music of streets.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Rakovsky faubourg in Minsk
    The Rakovsky suburb – one of picturesque corners of Minsk, with a set of beautiful lodges of historical building, with cozy small streets and cafe. Since 15th century, together with Belarusians, Tatars and other people, there lived also Jews here. They were wise merchants and usurers. At an excursion you learn about history of their people, about special color and persecutions, leaving which they have found the new homeland in territories Polshy, Lithuania, Belarus. However the Great Patriotic War has deprived of them rest, as well as many other people. – The territory of the Rakovsky suburb became a part of the Extermination camp. Including the guide will tell about him.
  • Attraction
    Attraction The memorial complex «Yama»
    The memory of hundreds of thousands of Jews of Belarus and countries of Western Europe which have found the grave on the Belarusian earth represents the memorial «Yama» built on the place of the most terrible March disorder of 1942. The memorial represents a deep hole to which the ladder from 27 figures bound among themselves going for execution conducts. Any concrete image or the person, only faces, shadows in which someone's destiny is reflected...
  • Attraction
    Attraction Trinity suburb
    At the beginning of the 16th century, on the hill that towered over Svislochyyu, Trinity Monastery with church was built. Around them the residential quarters were formed that and was called — Troitsk. Time kept for us the Troitsk suburb with its multi-colored lodges and quiet picturesque small streets. Today it is a monument of architecture and culture of the international value. The stylized coffee houses and the museums postpone us to a moment ago in the 16th century where day after day the great history is written.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Island of courage and sorrow
    At an entrance a big boulder with the walled icon. Under an icon the text: «To the sons who died in Afghanistan the temple is built it. That the evil was not neither on the, nor on others earth». And a black kaplitsa with a bell and the crying guardian angel. This place of memory and grief about three thousand Belarusian children that will of destiny became soldiers internationalists and died in the mountain wild land. It is the Island of courage and grief — the island got down.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Victory Square
    Victory Square welcomes with solemn greatness inhabitants and guests of the Belarusian capital. In the center her 38-meter obelisk and an eternal flame. Here each 15 minutes the guard of honor is replaced - the Minsk school students in any weather pay a tribute to the memory of heroes. Exactly here veterans, Minskers, guests of the capital come from year to year to honor memory of millions of dead during the Great Patriotic War. And underground, where the underground passage is located, the ring gallery and the memorial hall with an eternal flame of memory is built. You learn about what tells symbolics of an obelisk and the area from the guide.
  • Museum
    Museum Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War
    Surprising invention - the museums, having visited one museum it is possible «to live» the whole era or to experience experiences and the tragedy of the whole state. Not so long ago in Minsk the new and modern complex of the Belarusian State museum of the Great Patriotic War is created. Here the hot topic is most deeply opened always. Are presented to expositions as important documents and samples of the equipment in an original amount, and installation of military operations. In a complex all aspects which are related to military operations are disclosed - difficultly to describe it words. You should visit him!
    Visit of the museum is possible at the request of group and for an additional fee.
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Map of the tour route Military Minsk