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Museum of Myths

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Type: Natural History The exhibition: 3 Location: Vitebsk region
The Museum of Myths is located in the heart of the Berezinsky Reserve. You will enter the museum by following the ecological path. On the way you will be met and surprised by forest inhabitants. The museum occupies not only the territory of the forest space under the open sky, but also includes three closed thematic halls. And the most important object that will meet every guest at the entrance to the museum is the mysterious Tree of Life.

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    1. World of the present you can get acquainted with the peasant life of people, wards, tools of labor. The hall is symbolically divided into the pores of the year, the tour is complemented by noise installations and musical accompaniment.
    2. World of the past the world is far inland with the roots of ancient trees.
    3. The future world an unusual place where a person gets. A kind of paradise on earth, where everything hovers around in the clouds and above your head is always the blue sky. Here silence reigns and full pacification.

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    Address 211188, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk., Lepel district, village Domzheritsy GPS Google: 54.689114′ N, 54.689114′ E