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Brest regional ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History Location: Brest, Brest region

Brest Regional Museum of Local Lore has approved its staff in April 1950, during the year are renovated buildings constructed museum equipment, employees collected more than 200 museum objects, set up the first temporary exhibition. June 22, 1957 opened the first exhibition of the museum on the following topics: the nature, the history of the region from ancient times to the present. In 1963 - 1964 years underwent extensive renovation of the building and has been working on the creation of new permanent exhibition, which was opened in 1965. In 1990, the Regional Museum building was allocated by K. Marx, 60, built in the beginning. XX century and included in the historical area of ​​planning and development of Brest. The museum opened a permanent exhibition "History of Brest from primitive society to I quarter of the twentieth century." It is available in six rooms on the area of ​​320 m2. There are more than 2,000 exhibits, many of which are unique and have never been displayed before. The exhibition used modern means of articulated diorama acting reconstruction, created interactive areas. Each visitor will be able to discover the interesting and informative amazing moments. The museum also houses a permanent exhibition "Nature." The natural wealth of our region are represented by natural exhibits, dioramas, and photographs. The exposition is located in three rooms. Expositions are held by different thematic tours, sightseeing tours for students grades 1-3, there are 5 of the museum and educational programs.

The museum kept the subject of the main fund 166123 and 56907 objects of scientific support is current as of 01.01.2013. The museum's collection includes more than 20 collections, some of which are unique. This archaeological, numismatic, ethnographic collection, as well as a collection of fine and decorative arts received from Brest customs and who were the basis of the exposure of one of the Departmentes.

The museum has four departmentes:

Department "Archaeological Museum "Berestye". Opened March 2, 1982 on the island of Hospital (Volyn strengthening) Brest fortress on the site of the ancient citadel of birch bark. From 1969 to 1981. and in 1988 under the leadership of Doctor of Historical Sciences Professor Peter Fedorovich Lysenko excavations were conducted, with the result that identified more than 220 wooden buildings XI - XIII centuries., three street pavements, picket fences, numerous objects of material culture of the time. In the center of the pavilion - the excavation site, covering an area of ​​1134 m2. At a depth of 4 meters is part of the artisan quarter - 28 wooden dwelling and outbuildings in the XIII., Two street bridge, fence, the remains of the adobe ovens. On both sides of the excavation are located exhibition halls with a total area of ​​252 m2. The museum features nearly 1,000 items that reveal the following topics: the origin and history of the ancient city of birch bark, planning and development of the city, iron-craft, non-ferrous metal, bone carving, leather craft, spinning, weaving, pottery and woodworking, home renovation berestyanina (XIII c.), agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting and fishing, trade, culture, and history research birch bark. The museum has two souvenir kiosk.

Department "Saved artistic values". Opening February 4, 1989. It is housed in a beautiful building farmsteads, which was built in 1925 - 1927 years. designed by Polish architect Yu.Lisetskogo and is now a landmark building. It is the only museum in Belarus, the exposure of which consists of works of art and antiquities seized by the customs of their illegal attempt to export abroad. In the halls of the ten permanent exhibition features more than 300 exhibits. The most extensive and valuable part of the museum's collection - Russian iconography XVI - early XX century. The most ancient icons in the exhibition date from the XVI century. Among them - "Christ in Majesty", "Our Lady of Vladimir," "The Annunciation". Jewelry art is represented by products of world famous Faberge and other jewelry companies in Russia, the Caucasus silver belts and daggers. The museum has a small but diverse collection of porcelain production of the famous European factories. In numerous exhibitions display works of Belarusian and foreign art, creative works of students of art schools and studios Brest, held solo exhibitions of artists Brest.

Department "Kamenetz tower". Kamenetz tower - a unique monument of ancient defensive architecture of the second half of the XIII century. Built between the years 1276-1288. Forest on the bank of the river on the orders of Prince Vladimir Vasilkovich Volyn. In terms of a round tower. At the top is a bit, does not have the vertical and horizontal articulation. Inside the tower is divided into 5 levels (floors). Above the upper tier is domed vault. Of the 5 rows on the upper platform is a stone stair-lift, passing in the thickness of the wall. September 4, 2005 a new exhibition, which covers an area of ​​313.2 m2 and is located on the five tiers of the tower in five exhibition halls. On the first floor - the reconstruction of a fragment of life of the tower end of the XIII century. The second tier of the museum is devoted to the study of archaeological Kamjanets and Kamenetz district. The third tier of the tower is about political, economic, and cultural life Kamenetz in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (XIV - XVII centuries).. In the fourth tier of the tower describes the development of defensive architecture of Belarus concentration. XIII - beg. XVII centuries., The Western region of the towers built between the XIII - beg. XVI centuries., Restorations of Kamenetz tower. The fifth tier of the tower is dedicated to the military history of Kamenetz and Kamenetz tower. On the square in front of the tower is organized sale of souvenirs.

Department "Art Museum". Opened May 17, 2002 in South barracks Brest Fortress. The basis of the lay Department of a collection of fine and decorative arts of Brest Regional Museum. The museum has 10 exhibition halls, covering an area of ​​1100 m2 and two exhibition hall area of ​​140 m2. The exhibition chronologically covers the entire period of the Brest regional Department of the Belarusian Union of Artists and allows us to represent the path of development of fine arts Brest second half of the twentieth and early twenty-first century. A separate exposition is arts and crafts professional artists, as well as folk art creation: weaving and embroidery, pottery, straw and basket weaving, painting on wood and glass, art processing of wood, works of amateur artists.

Note: The second Wednesday of each month is set free in the afternoon to visit the museum.

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    Address 224030, Republic of Belarus, Brest,. Karl Marx, 60 GPS Google: 52.090203′ N, 52.090203′ E