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Museum of the Belarussian Polesye

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 6 Location: Pinsk, Brest region

State institution Museum of Belarus Polesie was founded in 1924 year, created by local history society and open to the public in July 1926 year. In 1939 year, the museum was regional, historical and local history. In 1954 year he was called Pinsky museum. In October 1978, on the basis of existing museum was created by the Belarusian State Museum of the socialist transformation of Polesie. Since 1990, the museum called the Museum of Belarusian Polesie. It placed in a historical building Jesuit Collegium, the architectural monument of XVII centure of Baroque and Renaissance. While Pinsky collegium was one of the biggest. By the end of the XVII century in this school there were about 700 youths from across the Commonwealth. There were a rich library and a printing house and, according to some reports, the first in Belarus drugstore.

The area of exposition halls are 1360 sq.m, the total number of museum objects are 78,712, of which 63,105 of the main fund, auxiliary science 15607. The museum has six exhibition halls, demonstrating arts and crafts of Polesie, the urban living of pinchan in the first half of the XX century, narrating the events of World War II, the history of Pinsk, the nature of the native land.

Researchers of the museum explores the history and ethnography of the Pinsk region. This is an interesting area, where even today there are exhibits: old photographs, household items, documents, ethnographic items. There is the kiosk, where you can buy The museum operates kiosk printed materials on the history and study of local lore (booklets, maps, catalogs, postcards).

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    Exposure - Museum of the Belarussian Polesye

    1. Arts and crafts of Polesye Their differ from other regions of Belarus. Among the interesting exhibits is unique wooden bicycle, collected by folk artists V. Ilyuchin.
    2. Urban Living of pinchan in the first half of the XX century Here are the everyday things, corner sewing, interior living room, clothes, photos, and printed materials of the time.
    3. History of Pinsk Starting from prehistoric times to the early XX century
    4. Pinsk in the Great Patriotic War Introduces the history of the first partisan group, the partisan movement, the tragedy of the Pinsk ghetto.
    5. Nature of surroundings of Pinsk Exhibited stuffed birds and animals in their natural habitat
    6. Belarusian painting 60-80 years of XX century Presented paintings of Belarusian artists: P.Yavich, N. Schastny, L. Schemelev, P. Maslennikov, etc.

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    Address 225710, Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk, Lenina square, 22 GPS Google: 52.111078′ N, 52.111078′ E