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Museum Space of Chaim Soutine

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Type: Art Location: Minsk region

Museum The space of Chaim Soutine was opened on February 12, 2008 in the Center for Children's Creativity in the town of Smilovichi. This museum is dedicated to the master of the "Paris school" native Smilovich Chaim Sutin.

The idea to create the museum belongs to the chairman of the National Commission of the Republic of Belarus for UNESCO, Vladimir Schastnoy, the deputy director for science of the National Art Museum Nadezhda Usova and the director of the Minsk design bureau "Lades" Nadezhda Kukharenko participated in the creation of the museum.

Chaim Soutin was born in 1893, and died in 1943 from illness. Most of his life the artist lived in France, having only fragmentary information about the life of his family.

The museum occupies two halls and consists of sections "At home" and "Paris cafe".

The first hall reflects the childhood of Chaim Soutine, the world of the Jewish town of Smilovichi, where the world-famous artist was born, his understanding of the basics of fine art in Minsk, Vilna, and his departure to Paris.

The second hall of the museum is presented in the style of the Paris cafe of the first third of the last century. Here are presented 67 reproductions of paintings and drawings of Soutine and his contemporaries.

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    Address Belarus, Minsk region, Cherven rayon, town of Smilovichi, Str. Revolutionary, 20 GPS Google: 53.755032′ N, 53.755032′ E