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Polotsk historical-cultural museum-reserve

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 9 Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region

National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve began to take shape in 1967. In 1968 came "the situation of the historical and archaeological reserve", and November 20 Polotsk City Council of Deputies adopted a resolution on the protection zone around the Sophia Cathedral. Polotsk Historical and Archaeological Reserve is the branch museum, which in turn was a subsidiary of the Vitebsk Regional Museum. Begin in 1967 began to take shape in Polotsk for research, restoration and museification archaeological monuments and architecture. In 1969 began the restoration of the Cathedral of St. Sophia, where the planned opening of a museum of atheism. However, a museum of atheism was transferred to Grodno, and reserve in 1985 was given the status of an independent association of museum, a branch of which was Polotsk Museum. In 1990 he was the man the Resolution "On Polotsk Historical and Cultural Reserve" and approved the Regulation "On Polotsk Historical and Cultural Reserve of republican values." Exposure of some museums housed in a monument of architecture:

National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum - the museum ab'yadnanne with all the features inherent to the museum and the museum-reserve. It has national significance and regional subordination and What is a historic area, which is guarded sites being studied, restored and adapted for the museum exhibition. All in all, the Museum has 11 museums Polotsk demonstrative area of 4 thousand m2:

  1. Children's Museum;
  2. National History Museum;
  3. Museum of Belarusian printing;
  4. Museum Library of Simeon Polotsk;
  5. Museum of military glory;
  6. Museum of the History of St. Sophia Cathedral;
  7. Museum-apartment of Hero of the Soviet Union Z.M. Tusnolobova-Marchenko;
  8. Museum of Traditional weaving Lakeland;
  9. Natural Ecological Museum;
  10. Office exhibition "A Walk on the Lower Intercession";
  11. An art gallery;

The total number of museum objects is 85 870, of which the main fund 60894, scientific support - 24976. The museum has a souvenir presented books, booklets, pottery with symbols, magnets, greeting cards, basket weaving, to a CD. The reserve with its buffer zone, a zone of regulation of development, present and future of the museum is the nucleus around which the conditions for the conversion of the historic city of Polotsk Museum. In 2010, part of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve was included historical and cultural complex "Field of the glory", dedicated to the history of Polotsk fortified area (located in the village of Gomel Polotsk district).

The museum was awarded the special prize of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus in the "Museology" - 2005

Key areas of research staff of the reserve are: research, research fund, permament show and educational upbringing. Research work - one of the main directions in the reserve, upon which all the other museum activities: scientific acquisition, restoration, preservation funds, permament show, methodical and educational-upbringing work. The research work includes the study of primary sources and conducted in accordance with the profiles of existing and future of museums in accordance with the plan museification unique historical territory of Polotsk. It is conducted in the following areas: museology, history, architecture, literature, art, typography and Belarusian publishing, pedagogy, sociology museum, the region's nature, ecology, ethnography. Scientific stock work related to the study of cognition and values ​​the material nature of museum objects. Scientific organization of funds designed to fix the value of museum objects for science, culture in general, and specifically for this museum, as well as their specific legal status, to create the conditions that would have contributed to their long-term preservation, study and use in the museum's purposes.

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    Exposure - Polotsk historical-cultural museum-reserve

    1. collection of documents include documents in Museum Belarusian publishing, museum-library Simeon of Polotsk.
    2. natural Monument landscapes XI - XX centuries.
    3. archeology VIII of the ancient settlement., X in the upper lock., Lower Castle sixteenth century., Great Posad twelfth century., Belchitsky Monastery of the XII century., Saint Euphrosyne convent in XII.
    4. collections paintings, drawings, crafts, sculpture XII - XX centuries. at the Art Gallery and other museums, secular portraits of the times of the Commonwealth (XVIII c.), personal belongings of the famous Polotsk residents.
    5. butterflies this directory contains information about Lepidoptera Belarus, represented in the exhibition Nature and Environment Museum. It is dedicated to the vast and diverse group of insects - butterflies.
    6. icons directory 14 places the description of the Works of the ancient iconography XVIII-XIX centuries. from Polotsk, which is in constant exposition of the National Art Gallery of Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, and 12 works XVII-XIX centuries. from different regions of Belarus from the collection of the National Art Museum of Belarus. Icon "Konstantin and Elena" from steatite (XI c.).
    7. collection postilok includes a collection of postilok in the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve
    8. collection of ceramic toys fragments of building materials with frescoes and inscriptions (XI-XII centuries).
    9. works of the Great Patriotic War includes books and pamphlets that are coming out in the Soviet Union, including in Belarus, as well as the print edition of the occupation. Early printed books and manuscripts

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    Address 211400, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Polotsk, st. Lower-Intercession, 22 GPS Google: 55.484556′ N, 55.484556′ E