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Loev museum «Battle for The Dnieper»

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Type: Military and Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Loev, Gomel region

Loev museum "Battle for The Dnieper" was established as a branch of the Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War in 1984 by the decision of the Central Committee of the PBC. The museum was opened May 9, 1985 the 40th anniversary of the Victory. Since 1990, the hospital received the status of the state museum, becoming a structural unit of the cultural department of Loev executive committee.

The museum consists of a main building, a demonstration area of halls which is 170 m2. The number of permanent exhibitions at the Museum 2, temporary/mobile displays: 2. The total number of museum objects: 3 409, of which fixed assets: 1 727, auxiliary science: 1 682.

The museum is constantly cultural events: "Tir Lazershot", Еxcursion trips and organizes holiday in the Dnieper-Bragin reservoir.

The museum conducts research work on the following topics: "Battle for The Dnieper in the Gomel region", "Exemption settlements Loеv district troops 61 and 65 armies of the Central Front", "Partisan struggle on Loev", "Loev development in different historical periods".

Photo - Loev museum «Battle for The Dnieper»

    Exposure - Loev museum «Battle for The Dnieper»

    1. Natives of Loev district at the front Documents: award, letters of acknowledgment, letters, photographs, phaleristics (commemorative medals, badges).
    2. Partisan movement in Loev region Documents: partisan diary, wall newspaper guerrilla group "For the Motherland", flyers and photographs.
    3. The crossing of the Dnieper River in the Gomel region Collection of documents, documentary photographs, military equipment, clothing, weapons and ammunition. Letters from the front, personal things.

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    Location map - Loev museum «Battle for The Dnieper»

    Address 247095 Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Loew, Sovetskaya street, 3 GPS Google: 51.939736′ N, 51.939736′ E