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Korelichi ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History The exhibition: 9 Location: Korelichi, Grodno region

"Korelichi ethnographic museum" according to the created Korelichy district Committee May 23, 1969 as a regional museum of national glory. In 1972, the building is allocated to the local history museum. The first exhibition was opened June 29, 1974 for the 30th anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders. The current exhibition of the museum is open June 4, 1995 for the 600th anniversary of the first mention of Korelichi in written sources.  Museum awarded certificates from Department of Culture of the Grodno Executive Committee as the winner of the regional contest "Best Cultural Institution of 2004".

The museum consists of a main building, a demonstration area which caught is 184 m2. Number of permanent display at the Museum: 1, temporary/mobile displays: no. Overall the number of museum objects: 10 419, of which fixed assets: 7 444, scientific auxiliary 2 975.

The museum organizes research work on the following topics: New names famous countrymen, Learning new facts in the history of the area and the city, History of churches in Korelichy, History and development of the region's enterprises, Development of the excursions to the show, The collection of new material according to the plan of acquisition, Creative contact with scientists, writers, Work at the National Archives on given topics, Scientific concept of development of the museum, Compilation of scientific articles passports.

Museum annually takes part in cultural events: Korelichy local history reading, Meeting with participants of the Great Patriotic War, Meeting with famous countrymen, Presentations of exhibitions, weekly lectures and museum studies.

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    Exposure - Korelichi ethnographic museum

    1. Аrcheology Stone ax, objects from the excavations carried out in the year of construction Mir and Mir Castle. Tools, household items, ceramics, glass, tile.
    2. Household items and ethnography Clothing, shoes, appliances, furniture, tableware, musical instruments.
    3. Numismatics Coins of different time, money, securities, badges, awards and medals.
    4. Photo documents Photos, photo albums, videos, film documents.
    5. Prints and manuscripts Newspapers, books, brochures, leaflets and letters.
    6. Documents Personal documents, diplomas.
    7. Аrt Painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative and applied arts. Paintings by local artists, wood carvings, posters, embroidery, knitting, icons.
    8. Weapon Cold steel and firearms and ammunition.
    9. Biology Stuffed animals and birds, models of mushrooms, butterfly collection, herbarium.

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    Address 231430, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Korelichi, Sovetskaya str., 19 GPS Google: 53.555096′ N, 53.555096′ E