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Historical-cultural museum-reserve ”Zaslawye”

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Zaslavl, Minsk region

Historical-cultural museum-reserve "Zaslawye" was established by the Council of Ministers of the Byelorussian SSR from December 31, 1986 Additional word "museum" in its name appeared only in 1997, still later, in 2001 the museum-reserve was given the status of a public institution, in fact it was such from the outset. Today, Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Zaslawye" is a complex system of protected areas and objects connected together historically, thematically and functionally. Under the protection of the reserve are 113 hectares of the old part of the city, where there are such historic sites as the settlement "Zamechek" (archaeological monument X-XII centuries.) Settlement "Val" with former Calvinist (a historical and cultural monument of XI-XVII centuries), burial mounds X-XI centuries., Church Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the second half of the XVIII century.). The museum-reserve stores about 16,000 museum objects that are formed in the 22 collections.

Recently, the reserve list of museum objects added. In July 2004, Zaslaul realized first in the CIS museumification Pillbox (museum-DOT, the authors of the exhibition Kaminsky V., Cancer A.K.), and in September 2005 began to work and the first in our country exposure dedicated to the Belarusian mythology - the mythology and the Children's Museum of the forest (the author of the concept Bondarev E.A., author of the exposition Kozlovsky V.I.). As part of the long-term future projects Museum is going to mainstreaming the settlement museification "Zamechek" and Zaslavsky castle.

Photo - Historical-cultural museum-reserve ”Zaslawye”

    Exposure - Historical-cultural museum-reserve ”Zaslawye”

    1. ”The Hall of tapestries” by exposure Stashkevich AB
    2. ”The music evening” devoted to the popular musical instruments, the author of the exhibition Berbers V.H.
    3. ethnographic Complex mill (authors exposure Krasnov A.M., V.Manko, 1990), House zavoznikov (authors exposure Krasnov A.M., V. Manko, 1992), a smithy (author of the exposition Kostyukevich M.I., 1994 ) and sviran (author of the exposition Kostyukevich M.I., 1997).

    Schedule Historical-cultural museum-reserve ”Zaslawye”

    Location map - Historical-cultural museum-reserve ”Zaslawye”

    Address 223036, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Zaslawye, st. Market, 8a GPS Google: 54.004241′ N, 54.004241′ E