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Kopyl district ethnographic museum

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Type: Local History Location: Kopyl, Minsk region

History of Kopyl district ethnographic museum begins with December 1978, when it was decided Kopyl RCP (b) the opening of the regional museum in the area of 120 square meter in the building of the District Department of Statistics. Originally there were four thematic sections: "History of the region in the pre-Soviet period: Ethnography and Life", "The October 1917 event. The civil war and socialist construction", "Great Patriotic War", "Talented Kopylschina". May 14, 2000 after the renovation, the building of the museum, a historic monument of the late XIX century, (Former tannery workshop, where he started his career T. Gartny (S. Zhilunovicha)) - took the first visitors. In 2006 the museum was registered as a legal entity - State Institution "Kopyl District Local History Museum". The museum is housed in three buildings of the demonstration area of 292.2 square meters of halls The total number of museum objects is 25470, of which the main fund is 21412, scientific-support is 4058. All museum items are 7 permanent collections.

In 2005 the staff of the museum was awarded the diploma of the Culture Minoblispolkoma as the winner of the regional contest of the state of the state museums of the area devoted to the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders and the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War in the "Research and Outreach". In 2006 the museum won the regional competition of the annual cultural departments of district executive committees and the cultural institutions of the best arrangement of the work on the development of culture in the "Best Museum of the Year". In 2008 Kopyl district ethnographic museum was nominated for a special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus of culture and arts "For Spiritual Revival". In the 2009 decision of the Minsk regional executive committee staff of the museum was awarded a special prize in the category "Museology".

Of cultural events are held in the museum lecture "Culture and life of the Jewish population on the territory of Belarus in the XIX - early XX centuries", "Edward Voinilovich - educator Kapylskoy land", "History of weaving on Kapylschine", "Towel - bright medium traditions Weaving on Kopylschine"; based on museum collections in the form of interactive games are museum lessons: "Letter from 1944", "elementary school", "The things of my grandmother's attic", "Journey to the Past", every Saturday at the museum exposition held an event "Guardians of happiness" that reveals the role of ethnographic objects in the conduct of the Belarusian wedding. The research activities of the museum focused on the implementation of joint projects: "Contribution to world culture Kopylschiny natives who emigrated in the early twentieth century" (with Germany), "Green Route: rivers and Magee's fool" (with UNDP), "Guardians of Happiness" (with Germany), "The Jews: culture and way of life" (with Israel).

Note: every second Sunday of the month is free entry.

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    Address 223927, Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Kapyl, Lenin Square, 4 GPS Google: 53.151551′ N, 53.151551′ E