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Cherven district ethnographic museum

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Type: Ethnographic The exhibition: 3 Location: Cherven, Minsk region

Сultural institution "Cherven District ethnographic Museum" was founded in 1992, the museum is housed in a former abbot of the county government of the early XX century. The decision on opening Chervensky district museum was made by the executive committee of the Council of People's Deputies of the District 1 January 1992. The exhibition is located in three rooms, the area of exhibition space is 329 m2, the total number of museum objects - 8012, of which the main fund - 7740, auxiliary science - 1131 (1 January 2012). The museum has 14 collections, including documents, numismatics, decorative arts, household items and ethnography, prints, photographs.

Since 2008, as a section of the exhibition in the museum's management Cherven handed Moniuszko Museum, the Belarusian and Polish composer, who was born in the village of Ubel on the territory of Belarus. In addition to thematic tours of the main exposition organized tours of temporary exhibitions throughout the year, the exhibits which are in the collections of other institutions, as well as stock-based collections. Designed museum and educational program "My region is called Belarus", an annual scientific conference of local lore, local history club "Bond".

Researcher at the museum is seeking little-known facts on the history of the region, recording memories of war veterans, former prisoners of concentration camps, the survivors of the occupation, the study of ethnography and folklore of Igumenschiny.Chervensky District Local History Museum collaborates with Museum district, Minsk region, the Museum of Maxim Bogdanovich Museum Yankees Kupala National Museum of History of the Belarusian literature.

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    Exposure - Cherven district ethnographic museum

    1. History of Igumenschina archaeological finds, demonstrating the development of the economy, arts and crafts, objects of peasant life and and instruments of craftsman of XIX-early XX centuries, photos, documents
    2. Great Patriotic War on Chervenschinа documents, photographs, paraphernalia, memories countrymen - Heroes of the Soviet Union, the former partisans
    3. Cultural achievements of Chervenschina presented material on famous countrymen: composer Stanislaw Monjushko, painter Haimu Sutinu, writer Mihasju Penkratu, etc.

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    Address 223210, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Cherven, Svobody Square, 8 GPS Google: 53.706869′ N, 53.706869′ E