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Museum of the Struve Arc

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Type: Science and Technology Location: Golshany, Grodno region

Museum of the Struve Arc «Struve geodetic arc brings together people and cultures» was founded in 2012 on the basis of information and local history center Golshany rural library, in order to uncover the historical and cultural potential of the regions crossed by Struve Geodetic Arc, its scientific importance of involving children and young people to explore the world heritage, strengthening the status of the tourist facility. Oshmiany through the territory of the district, near the village of Tupishki Golshansky Village Council passes Struve Geodetic Arc entered in 2005 as a World Historical and Cultural Heritage. In the expedition of Vasily Struve took part native Belarusian scientist geographer and surveyor Joseph Hodzko. This fact contributed to the collection and promotion of librarians information about the object. The museum contains information about the object, about the people, culture and traditions of the regions of the states through which the Struve Geodetic Arc, and available on a wide range of users, both through virtual capabilities, and through direct exposure.

The museum has maps and books devoted to the Struve Arc portraits of its founders - Carl Tanner, Vasily Struve and Joseph Hodzko. Collected Information about all the items found geodetic arc, and presented them coordinates. To date, the museum contains an exposition and information material about the culture and traditions of the countries (regions), on which the Struve Geodetic Arc. Nourished information database of geodetic objects ten countries.

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    Address 231120, Republic of Belarus, Grodno region, Golshany village, st. Oshmyanskaya, 3 GPS Google: 54.258845′ N, 54.258845′ E