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Polotsk Museum of the traditional hand-weaving Lakeland

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Type: Ethnographic Location: Polotsk, Vitebsk region

Museum of Traditional weaving Lakeland is part of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve. This is a special corner of the Belarusian, the keeper of the national ceremonies, sacred knowledge. Museum opens for its visitors the secrets of growing and processing flax in the late XIX - early XX centuries in the Northern Belarus, talks about the most widespread and ancient form of folk arts and crafts - weaving, in the samples in woven and embroidered products Museum reveals the infinite wealth of historical and cultural heritage. The exhibition opened in 1998 and is housed in a former residential building, an architectural monument of the late XIX century. Exhibition area is 217 m2. Exhibited 384 exhibits. The basis of the collection is necessary exposure weaving that introduces the traditions, semantics, life and characteristics of hand-weaving Lakeland late XIX - early XX century. Exhibits collected Gluboksky, Miory, Sharkovshchina, Verkhnedvinsk, Postav, Dokshitsy district of Vitebsk and Polotsk area.

To preserve, restore and use of the heritage that has accumulated for centuries, weaving Museum invites taken part in the folk festivals (Christmas, Spring Gukanne), during which you will get pleasure from singing authentic Belarusian and Belarusian traditional games and tantsev.Muzey invites young couples go through the wedding rituals "How to merge two Rechenka ...", aimed at ensuring the well-being and a happy future for the new family. With the goal of revival of some elements of traditional weddings museum staff has been studied a great number of folk and ethnographic of the sources, expedition materials, research scientists, which is associated with the wedding rituals of the Belarusians. Belarusian traditional wedding - it is a complex of ritual and magic, which is embodied in the chic colorful action; suspended all ceremonies are divided into four series: preparatory, dress (church), the wedding of the bride, the groom in a wedding. According to popular view, to recognize the marriage was necessarily required his authorization of the team - the community, clan and neighbors - with the appropriate ritual acts, songs, convictions that accompanies each of the above stages of the wedding, and only married couple could officially become a full-fledged UNION. Rites "How to merge two Rechenka ..." is not a detailed reconstruction of the festive tradition, it combines important elements of wedding ceremonies and adjusted to the modern wedding. Thanks to the singing tradition Podvinye rich treasury of customs and Poozerie unique color, the wedding will be unforgettable for many times.

Note: begin from June 1, museum is open from 10.00 to 18.00 every day except Monday.

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    Address 211400, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk., Polotsk, st. Vojkovo, 1 GPS Google: 55.488173′ N, 55.488173′ E