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Braslavsky Museum of Traditional Culture

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Type: Art The exhibition: 7 Location: Braslav, Vitebsk region

Braslavskie traditional art museum was founded in 1991 and was then called "Braslavskie Crafts House." In 1997 it was renamed the Museum of Craft and start to 2001 is called the "Museum of Traditional Culture." The museum is housed in a building with a visible area of ​​230 m2. Only one in the museum permanent exhibition and two temporary mobile. The total number of museum objects has 182 and all form of fixed assets. The museum operates a selling point souvenirs.

The research work carried out by the museum, is based on the collection and study of traditional technology of crafts, weaving, weaving of reeds, traditional cuisine Braslau, restoration of traditional costume, the study of local technology felting boots.

The museum hosts cultural events, such as the Museum of traditional craft classes (September to May), aimed at the development of technology and production of traditional crafts products, and during the holidays ordered held workshops on traditional crafts, which include the production of birds of straw, of whistles, weaving belts on the board, a master class in the work of the potter's wheel (on request) - turning on the potter's wheel, shaping clay, a story about baking; once a year to hold the event "Night of Museums", which introduces the museum in the evening, and also provides shows and concerts, and in the summer (June, July, August) crafts fairs - cultural events via your local craftsmen, commissioned by holding an event for young people "Wedding in mill" - a meeting of youth in traditional costume, the story of the wedding ceremonies and training craft.

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    Exposure - Braslavsky Museum of Traditional Culture

    1. history of weaving crafts to Braslav raw materials, tools for weaving, ethnographic objects, woven from various materials, information about the history of weaving, photography masters and their work for the second half of the XX century.
    2. history of the building contains the text of the history of the building (the beginning of the XX century) and photos (early 90s XX c.).
    3. history of wood carving on Braslav describes the basic stages of carving tools and traditions in Braslav region.
    4. weaving history introduces the basic stages in the development of weaving, means for processing flax for weaving, collections of traditional textiles and clothing. Also contains photos of weavers.
    5. history of pottery a story about the main stages of the history of pottery in the Braslav region, archaeological and ethnographic collections of dishes - is the heritage of N.A. Kuz'minova, device for the treatment of clay and making dishes.
    6. №1 exhibition from the collection of the Museum Association of the stock (collections of ethnography, contemporary art, archeology).
    7. №2 group and solo exhibitions masters club "the lake" (collections of contemporary art and photographs).

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    Address 211970, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Braslaw, Gagarin st., 7 ”a” GPS Google: 55.642651′ N, 55.642651′ E