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Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich «Kushliany»

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Type: Literary Location: Grodno region

Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich "Kushliany" was founded in 1990. Everyone has a place that it purifies and strengthens. In the first place - a place where a person was born. But for all Belarusians and their families are Kushliany Smorgon, Grodno region. After all Kushliany given by Francis Bogushevich, and he with you to strengthen our common name - "Belarusians" and moved our real voice and the dignity of the native language. From poetry Bogushevich "Fife Belarus" and "Smyk Belarus' Belarusian national revival began, and recovery in a new age of Belarusian statehood. This Frantisek Bogushevich in conditions of slavery and lawlessness fueled a sense of free will and human and poetry was saved from slavery all the people of Belarus. Since 1990 the Kushlyanah opened Literary Memorial Museum-Estate F. Bogushevich. Preserved house of the poet in 1896 and built a stone eq. Needless estate Bogushevich gained as much in 1749 and by 1940 it was used. Preserved the old park on the estate. There are trees in it with the XVIII - XIX centuries. Homestead and now offers the opportunity to present looked like the family estate in the XIX century. And after walking along the paths and alleys - feel free nobleman or shlyahtyanka with a high sense of patriotism and dignity. The house exhibits the things that are impregnated Bagushevichevoy energy desk, chairs, manuscripts ... Not so long ago took its rightful place, and tribal medallions Bogushevich family, whose history goes back much in the XVIII century. Medallions to energy and power Bogushevich joins the relics of the saints who brought Bogushevich of pilgrimage places at different times. These medallions genus Bogushevich guarded for centuries by disease and misery. And now these sacred things heal emotional wounds to those who came to the house to pay their respects and honor famous compatriot, those forces and their talent pays for my country. In the stone is placed Machinery Exhibition of tools and household items Belarusian peasantry end of the XIX century - beginning of XX century. Not far from the house welcomes visitors to Bald Mountain, where, according to legend, there was once a pagan temple. Bald Mountain is calling us to a responsible conversation with the souls of Santa, who, according to our myths, and live on Bald Mountain, and we protect and care. Here, in the quiet of the forest on the mountain away from the bustle and noise of us, running a race for good; Grandparents show us our true heritage, our true essence. During that require only one fee - honoring the language and the land that we have taken in the inheritance, the strength of spirit to preserve it and pass on to their descendants.

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    Address 231032, Republic of Belarus, Grodno., Smorgon district, village Kushliany GPS Google: 54.459537′ N, 54.459537′ E