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Tour Old-Vilensky way - Zalesie-Soly-Kushlyany-Zhuprany

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Route: MinskSmorgonMinsk
Distance: 300 km
Duration: 12:00 hour
Kind: Bus tours
Language of training: Russian

As people, as the cities or places - so roads have the history. They as if arteries for centuries penetrate the earth. On them kings and emperors, writers and artists, farmers and handicraftsmen, mail carriers and messengers followed – on them we follow today. We suggest to go to a way on main "highway" of Grand Duchy of Lithuania – The Starovilensky way. As well as 9 centuries ago it originates in Minsk - the modern Belarusian capital, and conducts in Vilno – the skilled capital of the great state Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The bewitching atmosphere and history of the Belarusian places against the background of the virginal nature – not to have eyes glued!

The excursion program

The excursion program - Old-Vilensky way - Zalesie-Soly-Kushlyany-Zhuprany

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
  • Moving
    Moving in Zalese (120 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Palace and Park Ensemble in Zalesie - Oginsky manor
    Michal Kleofas Oginski – musician - author of the world famous polonaise «Farewell to the Motherland» and the music of the Polish anthem «Poland is not yet lost», revolutionary, statesman an activist, a refined aristocrat, a tireless patriot, a warrior, a historian, a family man, a boudoir ladies' man and even an eternal debtor... Of the 68 years lived byMichal Kleofas, almost a third - 20 years - were spent in Zalesie. The hospitable family ofMichal Kleofasalways welcomes guests to the estate. Just like several centuries ago, balls are held here, the batley theater holds performances, and aspiring poets present their poems to the public.
  • Moving
    Moving in Smorgon (12 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Church of St. Archangel Michael in Smorgon (visual inspection)
    Over the 400 years of its existence, the building has served both Calvinists, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and atheists. However, even today it has the glory of the formerCalvin Gathering. We bring to your attention an unusual architectural monument of the Renaissance period. It combines harsh simplicity and solidity, belligerence and rhythmic scenery.
  • Lunch
    At the request of a group lunch can be arranged in one of the cafes or on the town of Smorgon rural homestead. In the summer time possible picnic outdoors.
  • Moving
    Moving in Soly (16 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ruzhenсevoj in Soly (visual inspection)
    The very impressive appearance of the church certainly makes an impression. Asymmetrical and graceful, it is unlike any other temple. A graceful and elegant embodiment of the Art Nouveau style. Let's take a look inside - very non-trivial fresco scenes will not leave you indifferent. Defense of the Jasnogorsk Monastery in Częstochowa in 1655 during the Swedish invasion of the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the «Miracle over the Vistula» from the Soviet-Polish War 1919- 1921 Do you know where the armistice agreement was signed between Germany and then Soviet Russia? Welcome to Soli.
  • Moving
    Moving in Kushlyany (8 km)
  • Museum
    Museum Museum-Estate of Francis Bogushevich «Kushliany»
    In Grodnenshchina, in the settlement of Kushlyany, in 1896 Frantisek Bogushevich has built own house. He has put in him heart and soul and has spent the last years of life here. Exactly here, walking on rooms of the poet, you learn about his great personality. Here you will hear about his first poetic collections: "A belarusky pipe", "Smyk беларуск і" - such simple names, but such deep meaning. This very atmospheric place has kept for us the house, a stone adrina, an arbor. The poet is remembered also by avenues of the park put by his hands and a stone a hiding place. A hiding place which stored manuscripts in the native language in which it was forbidden to write. Also locals who together with admirers on a stone hiding place left an inscription remember the poet-lawyer: "Pamyatsi Matseya Burachka. 1900"
  • Moving
    Moving in Zhuprany (11 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction Сhurch of St. Peter and Paul in Zhuprany (visual inspection)
    The Peter and Paul church in Zhupranakh in style of a neogothic style is a monument of architecture of the 19th century, the operating church, national property of the Belarusian edge. The church has been put in 1852 by the count Adam Gutten-Chapsky. The majestic and monumental building, with really special architecture and powerful walls - Zhupran ornament, «the Starovilensky way» and the Belarusian earth.
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (140 km)
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Old-Vilensky way - Zalesie-Soly-Kushlyany-Zhuprany