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The museum of the History Slutskys belts

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 6 Location: Slutsk, Minsk region

In the 30- ies of XX century in Slutsk gang was created, bringing together weavers and embroiderers who owned traditional handicraft techniques. In 1960, the gang was reorganized in Slutsk arts factory. Currently, Republican Unitary Enterprise artistic products «Slutsky belt» is a part of the State Production and Trade Unions «Belkhudozhpromysly» obeys the Office of Presidential Affairs and refers to state-owned enterprises. RUE «Slutsk belts» specializes on manufacturing woven fabrics, embroidered products, bed and table linen, souvenirs, batting, yarn, quilts, pillows, mattress covers, soft toys and other products. History Museum Slutsk belts currently works at the factory. In the foyer the museum there is a souvenir shop where you can buy souvenirs made in enterprises «Belkhudozhpromysly».

Photo - The museum of the History Slutskys belts

    Exposure - The museum of the History Slutskys belts

    1. «Layers of History» Different world civilizations and meaning in each one.
    2. «Slutsk belt» Masterpieces of Belarusian arts and crafts.
    3. «Detail of Radziwill Palace» Historical personalities by eyes of a sculptor-painter.
    4. «Manufacture» The loom reconstituted according to the drawings .
    5. «Sacred Area» Sacred objects of liturgical cult with elements of Slutsk belt.
    6. «People Zone» Belt, and its functions in the traditional culture of the Belarusians.

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    Location map - The museum of the History Slutskys belts

    Address 223610, Slutsk city, Maxima Bogdanovicha street, 8 GPS Google: 53.023806′ N, 53.023806′ E