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Orsha ethnographic museum ”Mill”

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Type: Ethnographic The exhibition: 2 Location: Orsha, Vitebsk region

Orsha ethnographic museum «Mill» opened on 23 June 1995 and is a branch of the museum complex «History and culture of Orshanschyna». The museum is located in a historic water mill, which was built in 1902 at the expense of the city council on an artificial channel that connects the river Dnepr and Orshitsa. Orsha mill is a monument to industrial architecture. It should be noted that the city mill, was one of the largest not only in Orsha district, but also in the Mogilev province, of which in the early twentieth century was part of Orsha.

The museum building «Mill» has the status of historical and cultural value of the second category, and entered in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus. To the present day mill retained features of industrial architecture of the early twentieth century. The museum is located on three floors, with two main exhibition hall. At the bottom of the building there is a separate room for temporary exhibitions.

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    1. «Our Daily Bread» presents exhibits that were previously used by peasants with sowing and reaping in the process. In addition the exhibition presents household items that can tell us about the simple everyday life of Belarusian peasants: drums, samples of goods which the peasants were taken to the market. Here you can get acquainted with the layout of a peasant's house, to which was attached a description of the internal layout of the building.
    2. «The light of the soul and talent» presented items of crafts XIX - early XX century, as well as items that represent spiritual culture. The exhibition displays a huge number of embroidered towels, impresses with its patterns and colors. Considerable historical value is the collection of traditional national women's costumes that Belarusian peasant put on weekdays during the holidays. Of the products of modern masters particularly noteworthy icons handmade produced of Orsha artist V. Yankovskaya.

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    Address 211391 Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, Orsha, Zamkovaya st., 2A GPS Google: 54.506186′ N, 54.506186′ E