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Vitebsk Museum «Contemporary Art Center»

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Type: Art Location: Vitebsk, Vitebsk region

Vitebsk Museum «Contemporary Art Center» was opened to the public in 2004, and after the accession of the exhibition hall of the Belarusian Union of Artists, based on which the museum carries out exhibitions. The main purpose of the museum began to support and promote the creativity of contemporary artists, the development of the national traditions of Vitebsk art school. Every three weeks, guests can visit the exhibition halls of the museum, which opened a new exhibition of works by contemporary artists from Vitebsk and other cities of Belarus and foreign countries.

As part of the museum «Contemporary Art Center» also opened a museum of history of the Vitebsk People's Art School. The basis of the exposition includes 27 stands, which show the steps of the history of the school and the life of Vitebsk period many artists. The number of storage units about 2237, and one of the most significant is the collection of artistic works by artists on the results of plein air «Malevich. UNOVIS. Modernity».  

At the exhibition hall of the museum operates an art studio «Pure Color». The museum staff are constantly guided tours, museum educational classes, lectures, take part in scientific conferences and international projects.

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    Address Vitebsk, Frunze Ave., 11 GPS Google: 55.192175′ N, 55.192175′ E