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Museum Ostrowiec District Centre of Crafts

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Type: Ethnographic Location: Ostrovets, Grodno region

District Centre of Crafts opened on 29 December 2004 for the development, revival and popularization of folk crafts and trades. In January, 2013 reorganized into the State cultural institution "Ostrowiec District Centre of Crafts" with a branch in Gervyaty.

The Crafts Center - an original center of culture on the revival, preservation and dissemination of traditional crafts where not only revived the lost technology, but also creates new forms and genres crafts, art. In the center are presented such as traditional crafts Straw, applique, inlay strips, painting on wood and glass, traditional Belarusian embroidery, carpentry, batik (painting on cloth), decoupage. Crafts Center is actively involved in festivals and fairs of folk arts and crafts in regional and national events.

For groups of not more than 20 authors suggest services on the organization master classes. Skilled craftsmen will be introduced to various areas of traditional crafts, tourists will have the opportunity to feel and artisans with their own hands make a souvenir. For those who want to delve into the topic of folk art organized a three-month training course.

In the Center of crafts have the opportunity to buy handmade gifts isdelat order for an individual souvenir.

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    Address 231201, Belarus, Grodno region., Ostrowiec, Karl Marks str., 39 GPS Google: 54.622863′ N, 54.622863′ E