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Museum «Brougham workshop»

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Type: Ethnographic Location: Minsk, Minsk region
Museum ”Brougham workshop” is located in Minsk. Here you can see which vehicles traveled through the streets of Minsk residents at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. The exposition is located in an old building in the former Bernardine monastery. The museum has more than 100 different exhibits from these coaches before the horse hooves and ammunition found during archaeological excavations.

Because of the exhibits in the museum are presented wheelchairs, chaise, cart-drobyak sleigh. Behind the glass windows - harnesses for horses, various covers, which were used to decorate the horse utensils, horseshoes and other trifles, whose names are no tips can be called only cabs.

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    Address 220030, Minsk, street Cyril and Methodius, 8 GPS Google: 53.905708′ N, 53.905708′ E