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Brest Fortress Museum

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Type: Historical The exhibition: 3 Location: Brest, Brest region

Memorial complex «Brest Hero Fortress» is a monument to history and heroism that attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you can learn about the brutal struggle of Soviet troops during the Second World War, feel the atmosphere of the difficult days of the siege and see unique exhibits that tell about the feat of the defenders of the fortress.

Today, the «Brest Fortress» unites various battle sites, ruins and surviving structures, sculptural compositions and museums: «Museum of the Defense of the Brest Fortress» (1956), «Museum of War - Territory of Peace» (2014), «Chronicle of the Brest Fortress» (2019), «Defense of the Eastern Fort» (2020), «Fort 5 Museum» (2021).

The exhibitions of the Brest Fortress Museum are dedicated not only to the 1941 battles on the territory of the fortress, but also to the history of its construction, the history of Brest and the fortress in the interwar period, the largest battles of the Great Patriotic War and the liberation of Belarus.

Photo - Brest Fortress Museum

    Exposure - Brest Fortress Museum

    1. Museum 5 Fort

      Fort № 5 is a unique monument to Russian fortification of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Located in the southwestern part of Brest. Built in 1879 - 1880. as one of the advanced fortifications of the fortress. During modernization 1886 - 1889, 1906 - 913. the fort was significantly strengthened, becoming one of the forts of the second (inner) fort line of the Brest-Litovsk Fortress.

      The exhibition is located in casemed premises and territory fort № 5. Reflects the centuries-old history of the emergence and evolution of fortification on the lands of Belarus using the example of the construction and modernization of the Brest-Litovsk Fortress and Fort № 5 and their role in the First World War and the Great Patriotic War.

      Has 6 thematic rooms:

      • Hall 1 - «History of fortification»;
      • Hall 2 - «Brest Fortress - Witness of the Times»;
      • Hall 3 - «Defensive line of the Brest Fortress»;
      • Hall 4 - «Casemate of lower ranks»;
      • Hall 5 - «Office and Workshop»;
      • Hall 6 - «Washroom».
    2. Museum of the Defense of the Brest Fortress

      The museum's exposition is dedicated to the history of the fortress. Founded on November 8, 1956, it was subsequently rebuilt in 1975 and 1994 - 2008.
      The exhibition area of the museum is 1270 m². The 10 halls of the museum display about 4 thousand exhibits telling about the history of the construction of the fortress, the life of the city of Brest and the fortress in the interwar period, and military operations during the Great Patriotic War. Particular attention is paid to the events of defense in June - July 1941 and the fate of its defenders.

      Each room has its own theme:

      • Hall 1 - «Pages of the history of the Brest-Litovsk Fortress XIX - early. XX centuries»;
      • Hall 2 - «Brest and the Brest Fortress. 1918 - 1941»;
      • Hall 3 - «Get up, huge country!»;
      • Hall 4 - «Combat operations in the Brest area in the first days of the war. Defense of the fortress. Battles on the Terespol and Volyn fortifications»;
      • Hall 5 - «Battles at the Kobrin fortification»;
      • Hall 6 - «Defense of the Citadel»;
      • Hall 7 - «Defense of the Citadel. The last centers of resistance»;
      • Hall 8 - «At the main stages of the war. Liberation»;
      • Hall 9 - «Great Victory»;
      • Hall 10 - «In memory and heart».
    3. War Museum - Territory of Peace

      The exhibition opened on June 22, 2014 - the day the Great Patriotic War began and the defense of the Brest Fortress, in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the territory of Belarus from the Nazi invaders. It is located in the Southeast Barracks of the Citadel.
      Thematically, the exhibition complements the existing Defense Museum, covering the image of the Brest Fortress and the personalities associated with it, showing their contribution to the war effort and subsequent recognition.

      There are 8 halls in the museum and each of them carries its own piece of history:

      • 1 hall - «On the Eve» - allows you to see the pre-war fortress;
      • The 2nd hall - «Battle» - is dedicated to the battles on the territory of the Brest Fortress in June - July 1941;
      • The 3rd and 4th halls - «Trial» - reveal the tragic fate of Soviet prisoners of war;
      • Hall 5 - «Recognition» - talks about the long and difficult path of recognition of the feat of the defenders of the fortress in the post-war years;
      • The 6th hall - «Echo of War» - is the completion of the story about the recognition of the feat of the defenders of the fortress in the post-war years;
      • The 7th hall - «Heritage» - based on works of art, reveals the images of the defenders of the Brest Fortress;
      • The 8th hall - «Roads of Memory» - is dedicated to preserving the memory of the events of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and people whose destinies are connected by the heroic past of the Brest Fortress.

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    Address 224018, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Heroes of the Defense of the Brest Fortress str., 60 GPS Google: 52.082149′ N, 52.082149′ E