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Boat trips in Belarus

Belarusian excursion Internet portal Ekskursii.by proposes to combine a excrursion across Belarus with riding a boat, which will certainly be a nice addition to any excursion route. Boat trips are conducted from May to October and in the summer season. For those people who want to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of numerous rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs of Belarus, who like to feel the light breeze, sweeping face, boat trips will leave vivid and unforgettable impressions..

The inclusion of a trip in the program of single day trips across Belarus will be an important factor in the decision to participate in the excursion, for tours for several days boat is a relaxing continuation of the program, for which both adults and children will be waiting for after a long and busy excursion day.

Please note that boat trips are provided only as a supplement to the excursion program. The cost of renting and tickets for ships is given for reference only and may vary.

Where in Belarus can ride on a boat

    • Minsk Sea

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 260,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 80 people

      Passenger boats «Viliya» and «Svisloch» invite you to there board for pleasure trips on the Minsk Sea, which will be a wonderful addition to the tour.

    • Grodno - Niemen and the Augustow Canal

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 277,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 60 and 80 people

      Trips along the Neman and the Augustow Canal on boats «Olga Solomova» and «Niemen» are made on Wednesdays and Fridays at 18.00, on Sundays at 14.00. Trips last for about an hour, during which the boat makes a circle upstream to the village of Soly and back.

    • Vitebsk - Victory Park

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 300,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 40 people

      You can ride on the boat «Vitebsk» both on weekdays and on weekends. The ship runs between Victory Park and the Soviet Army Park, and tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy the busy streets of Vitebsk, sailing over the ship.

    • Gomel - Lenin Square

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 155,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 45 and 60 people

      In Sozh two ships depart from the pier on the Kiev descent. The boat route passes through the picturesque places of Gomel: from the Kiev descent up the river Sozh, past the Gomel beach to the Iput delta and back.

    • Pinsk - Quay of Pina

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 240,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 150 people

      Boat «Pinks» makes regular trips along the Pine River from April to October. On regular routes boat follows along Pripyat to the villages Terebeny and Krivichi, which allows passengers to enjoy the picturesque views of Polesye.

    • Mogilev - embankment of the Dnieper

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 300,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 87 people

      Boat «Mogilev» runs along the embankment of the Dnieper from the monument to soldiers-internationalists to the Kirov plant. During the trip you can enjoy not only the views of Mogilev, but also a cup of coffee - there is a bar on board the ship.

    • National Park «Pripyatsky»

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 121,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 18, 20, 50 people

      National Park «Pripyatsky» is a unique combination of natural, cultural and historical heritage. You can ride along Pripyat on one of three boats. During the ride you will be able to see the pristine beauty of Pripyat.

    • Bobruisk - health resort Lenina

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 180,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 120 people

      Guests and residents of Bobruisk can ride on the boat «Dream», that runs from the pier to the health resort Lenina to the beach of Belyj bereg on the river Berezina. Passengers will be able to admire not only the old Bobruisk, but also the surrounding nature.

    • Mozyr - Turov

      Cost of renting a boat per hour: from 200,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 35 people

      Anyone can comfortably ride on the boat «Polesie» along the Pripyat along the picturesque route Mazyr - Turov. This route can truly captivate travelers that are sensitive to the beauty of nature.

    • Brest - Mozyr

      Cost of cabin for 8 days:: from 1 250,00 BYN

      Vessel capacity: 36 people

      The first cruise boat «Belaya Rus» in the republic sails between Brest and Mozyr. The duration of the cruise is 8 days/7 nights, during which you can fully enjoy the beauty of Belarusian Polesye.

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