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News : VII Afghan Sky Festiva on the Stalin Line

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Exсursion Stalin Line

VII Afghan Sky Festiva on the Stalin Line


Belarusian excursion portal Ekskursii.by together with Historical and cultural complex «Line Stalin» invite everyone to the «Afghan Sky» festival, which will take place on July 31, 2021 . This is a large-scale military-historical reconstruction, with the participation of military-historical clubs and military equipment of the Afghan war.

More than a dozen interactive zones will be open for visitors. On the territory of the complex, everyone can try their hand at a historical quiz, shooting from pneumatics, throwing a grenade, passing an obstacle course and other interesting master classes.

Preliminary program of the event for 31 July:

  • 11:00 Opening of excursion and interactive zones for visitors
  • 11:30 Opening of the TRP competition area
  • 13:00 Demonstration performances of dog handlers of the canine center of military unit 2044
  • 14:00 Demonstration performances of parachutists
  • 14:10 Demonstration of hand-to-hand combat techniques of the Special Operations Forces
  • 14:20 Reconstruction of the Afghan war
  • 15:00 Driving on a PT-76 or BMP-1 tank
  • 15:00 Riding a Mi-2 helicopter
  • 17:00 Shutdown of interactive zones
  • 17:10 Awarding and presentation of diplomas
  • 19:00 End of the holiday

A visit to the «Afghan Sky» festival can be combined с excursion «Stalin's Line», and you can send an application right now.