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Ice Cream Holiday

Ice Cream Holiday

Ice Cream Holiday

Grodno , Regional feast 1 September 2019

The urban village of Putrishki will turn into the ice cream country for one day - here will be a holiday dedicated to the favorite delicacy of children and adults! During the holiday, you can take part in the tasting of different varieties of ice cream. There will also be a master class on the preparation of milkshake.

For younger visitors will be organized a large area of children's creativity and animation, which will be held:
  • drawing contest on asphalt,
  • quest game,
  • maze games,
  • huge checkers games.

Throughout the event, life-size puppets, animators and hodulists will maintain the festive atmosphere. The holiday will end with a spectacular fire show and dance entertainment program.

Location: Grodno district, u/v Putrishki
Time: September 1, 2019

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