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Manor of Monyushko in Smilovichi

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Type: Palaces, Parks, squares Style: Neogothic Date of Foundation: 1 century Status: Without a category Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Cherven district, Smilovichi

Complex in Smilovichi - a monument of architecture XIX - the beginnings XX the centuries, appeared thanks to the grandfather of well-known Belorussian composer Stanislav Manyushko. But it the complex has entered into history as manor Vankovichej.

Manor in style of a pseudo-Gothic have erected Stanislav Manyushko (The grandfather of well-known composer Stanislav Manyushko) both his sons the Cassimere and Alexander on a place of the wooden lock XVI centuries. Rectangular in the plan the two-storeyed private residence is covered двускатной by a roof. Facades are divided by interfloor eaves.

In second half XIX century Alexander Manyushko has continued business the father on one axis with an old palace has begun building of the new. After his death building the new owner finished already Leonty Vankovich, place to which it has got together with the wife. The building in style of a neogothic style with modernist style elements has been finished in 1900. Represented two-storeyed asymmetric, complicated by pentahedral bay windows.

After end of building of a new palace the old served basically as hotel. In it there was a hall for balls with the big crystal chandeliers and a billiard room. In a new palace the meeting of pictures, big library has taken place, meeting of ancient manuscripts, archives Oginsky, Manyushko and Vankovich In 1973 to an input in a new palace have attached a lobby with clothes, and from East side - a staircase.

For today from former magnificence two palaces - old constructed in the XIX-th century beginning in pseudo-Gothic style, and new, attached in 1900 to already available case, in style of a neogothic style with modernist style elements were saved. Besides, wings and economic constructions were saved. To the two-storeyed palace which has hidden in beautiful park, the avenue from maples and lindens conducts.  The second avenue goes down to picturesque river banks Volma.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk region, Cherven district, Smilovichi GPS Google: 53.750805′ N, 28.016589′ E