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The memorial complex to the liberators of Pinsk

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Type: Memorial complex Date of Foundation: 1950 - 1967 yy Status: Regional value The Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk, recreation Dnieper flotilla park

Pinsk was occupied from 4 July 1941 to 14 July 1944 . During this time, many things have happened, testifying to the patriotism of our countrymen. There is documentary evidence that began to operate the first underground groups in the river port, a match factory, plywood plant, marmalade factory, the railway transport. Forwards the partisans weapons and ammunition. Group of Nicholas Chaley beginning, for example, brought in a forest 5 machine guns, 46 rifles, 18 ammunition boxes, 2,500 loose rounds of ammunition, 80 rounds, 4 sea mines, 164 grenades.

Pinsk was liberated by the forces of the 1st Belorussian Front during of attack on Baranovichi-Brest direction on the second phase of the operation "Bagration" in July 1944 . The fighting led the troops of the 28th Army and the 61 th Army and the Dnieper Flotilla.

In the evening, July 13, 1944 with four cannons ferried across the river Yaselda commander of a separate anti-tank artillery battalion Guards Guards Major Kalinin joined in Kupyatichi village into an unequal battle with a group of enemy tanks, blocked the path of our infantry to Pinsk city. Gunners repelled several counterattacks, destroyed almost all the tanks and infantry went on the offensive.

According to the decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on August 25, 1944 major Tikhon Kalinin was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union . He was buried in a mass grave in the city park.

The order of the Supreme Commander referred: "The troops of the 1st Belorussian Front, crossed the river and Yaselda Pripyat, today, July 14, with the support of the Dnieper river flotilla stormed the city center of Sovet Belarus Pinsk - an important stronghold of the German defense in the direction of Brest.

In 1950 - 1967 years on the site of the landing, where there is a mass grave of 176 soldiers, sailors and Red Banner Dnieper Flotilla partisans who died during the liberation of Pinsk in the years of the Great Patriotic War, a memorial complex (architect M. Zarzhetsky sculptor A. Shmakov) . The complex has an axial layout composition. At the beginning of the alley installed armored boat N 92 and a stele with a commemorative inscription. Perspective alley closes the rectangular area, summing to stairs. Between marches elevated parapet, to which are attached the board with the names of the fallen liberators. A staircase leads to the main part of the complex composite - concrete stele with bronze bas-reliefs sailor, soldier and a woman. At the foot of the stele - Eternal Flame. On both sides of the obelisk stele pas graves of the Heroes of the Soviet Union Tikhon Ignatievitch Kalinin and Alexei Kalashnikov Kulikova.

The multinational crew of 92 BC-headed officer I. Chernozubov. On board bravely fought and fallen heroes of the death of Aleksey Kulikov, Nabiyulla Nasyrov, Olkhovskiy Peter Jung and his son Oleg, Dmitry Mikhailov, Ivan Trival and others.

A background of the monument, the ship is. On the banks of Pina, where it now stands, there was an outdoor swimming pool with a diving board into the water. Built "Spartak" society in 1952 , during the 15 years he served as a base for sports swimmers, but as they say, was old. In the fall of 1967 reservoir filled and installed Guards armored boat. Opening it as a monument took place on the Day of the Navy in July 1968.

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Location map - The memorial complex to the liberators of Pinsk

Address The Republic of Belarus, Brest region, Pinsk, recreation Dnieper flotilla park