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Memorial to the prisoners of the Ozarichi death camp

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The memorial complex in memory of victims of the death camps is located on the site of the concentration camp «Ozarichi». Under the concentration camp «Ozarichi» means camps «Dert», «Ozarichi», «Podosinnik» at the forefront of the German defense in the village Ozarichi Kalinkovichi district. During the Great patriotic War by the Nazis created a death camp near the village, which destroyed 16.5 thousand people.

At the end of February - beginning of March 1944 the Germans rounded up here for more than 50 thousand disabled citizens, Gomel, Mogilev, polesie regions of Belarus and Smolensk and Orel regions of Russia.. The camps were set up in accordance with the orders and instructions of the commander of the 9th Army General Josef Harpe. In 1944, the Command of the Wehrmacht is widely used practice of using civilians as a barrier in the way of the Soviet offensive. Usually, at the front line of defense the Nazis was surrounded large tracts of land by barbed wire, drove to women, children, old people and kept them under heavy guard without shelter, food and water. In the marshes of polesie was not crematorium, inherent in concentration camps, but were cold, hunger, disease, mass executions. The Germans were herded into Ozarichi about seven thousand typhus from hospital and the nearby villages. Epidemic typhus spread with lightning speed. Every day, hundreds of people died.

Concentration camp Ozarichi on the conditions of detention and destruction techniques is considered second only to the camp Trostenets.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Kalinkovichi district, Ozarichi village