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Brewery «Krinitsa»

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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1973 year Status: Factories and plants Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Radialnaya st., 52

Brewery «Krynica» - is one of the most famous factories for the production of beer, kvass, production of dry food concentrates «Tsevita», cocoa, jelly and other beverages. It is the largest enterprise in the national brewing industry - there is always dynamic, improving processes and expanding portfolio of brands. The plant successfully operates in the premium segment, and the segment of the mainstream. By creating new products, «Krynica» develops an idea of the possibilities of the Belarusian brewing industry as a whole and meets the diverse needs of Belarusian and foreign consumers. That is why the target audience of «Krynica» is so wide, and the products are so popular.

Construction of the brewery «Krynica» began in 1973 in the industrial district of Minsk Drazhnya. Then the company was named the Minsk brewery №2, and already in 1975, first-time buyers enjoy unique taste famous today for the whole world of beer. Production is rapidly gaining momentum and win the hearts of consumers, so that in 1986 «Minskpivprom» was renamed «Krinitsa» - since the recognizable brand all over the world.

In 1992, «Krynica» to become a lease now, but after almost ten years, the plant is converted into an open joint stock company. And in 2003, now takes over the patronage of «Priorbank» and almost immediately to the plant begins a new stage of development - with the active support of the state and «Priorbank», the company completes the first stage of reconstruction.

In 2005, the brewery is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, delighting customers consistently high quality and unique products. A year later, the company strengthens its position in the Belarusian market - in the part of the enterprise «Polotsk Beer» and becomes its affiliates. But the growth of «Krynica» does not stop - in 2007 in Smolensk representation appears factory LLC «Krynica BelTreyd», while the volume of exports abroad reached more than 300 thousand. dal.

Not long ago, the brewery «Krynica» finished second etat reconstruction that now allows the company to produce up to 20 mln. decalitres per year. The company of «Krynica» for about ten years takes a lot of prizes in the categories «Best Product», «Brand of the Year», «Champion of Taste» and other, produces not only alcoholic beverages, but also brew cocktails, a variety of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Today, thanks to the reconstruction of the company, the production capacity increased to 18 million to 24  million dal of beer per year.

During the tour of the brewery «Krynica» guests can not only get acquainted with the secrets of production, observe the works of professionals in workshops and see clear like clockwork operation of the enterprise, but also taste delicious drinks and have to buy their favorite plant in the company store. Get introduced to forty-year history of the enterprise and see firsthand the truly unique brewery «Krynica» help friendly tour guides and tour guides. Excursion to the enterprise «Krynica» it will be interesting to anyone who would like to get acquainted with the production of their favorite drink, as well as students that are planning to link their work with the paths of brewing.

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Photo - Brewery «Krinitsa»

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Radialnaya st., 52 GPS Google: 53.897804′ N, 27.641649′ E