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Ancient hillfort in Turov

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Type: Archaeological monuments Date of Foundation: 13 century Status: Republican value Turov, Castle hill

Turov - a small town in Zhitkovichi district of Gomel region, the center of the village council of Turov, located for 30 km south-west from the regional center Zhitkovichi, 263 km from Gomel, on the Pripyat River (a tributary of the Dnieper). Roads connected to David-Gorodok, Jitkovichi, Lelchitsy, 3.2 thousand people (2004. Zone rest - the river Pripyat.

Tour was first mentioned in «The Tale of Bygone Years» A 980 year, which states: «... Be Rogvolod since moved from Zamora imyashe Polotske his parish, and the Tour Turov from him and Turovtsev prozvashasya».

Archaeological study Turowski settlement in different years was led V.Z.Zavitnevicha, A.D.Kovaleni. S.S.Shuta. V.V.Sedova. P.F.Lysenko. Power cultural layer on the site reaches 4 meters. During excavations found the remains of ancient settlement 35 buildings, including 24 residential. All of them had carcass construction. Are usually made of wood of conifers. Area Housing is 16-18 sq.m. The highest reached 25 sq.m. In homes were laid flooring planks. In one building found adobe floor

Castle tours include the ancient citadel and a roundabout city. Detinets from the south-east side was separated from the roundabout of moat, which was always filled with water until 1925 , when p. Yazd was assigned to the drainage ditches. With the 2nd half of the XIII century in the citadel there Castle , the main fortification which was stone Tower. It refers to a type Volyn towers (as Kamenec Tower). Turov tower belongs to the monuments of defensive architecture of the second half of the thirteenth century. It was the main fortification Turov castle. Tower was built of bricks and mortar. The plan had the shape of a circle a diameter of 18-19 m internal diameter equal 11m. Inside was divided into several fighting tiers. Dismantled in 1830. Is a archaeological site as part of the settlement.

Roundabout City is located on the south-east side of the citadel, and had the form of a quarter circle size 100x170-180 m area of approximately 1.5 hectares. Playground roundabout towered over the city terrain at 5-6 pm In the roundabout of systematic excavations conducted. The object of the historical and cultural heritage of the city roundabout included in the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic Belarus.

discovered fragments of the pottery, tools, weapons, variety of items for household purposes, jewelery, jewelry indicate the development of crafts (blacksmithing, jewelry, carving, woodworking, pottery, foundry, building products ceramics), agriculture, livestock, trade, hunting and fishing.

PA Rappoport in 1961 in the pit was discovered section of brick wall, which resulted in 1962-1963 years of the expedition under Nikolay K.Kargera that After investigating the church twelfth century. In 1992-1994 's architectural and archaeological study of the church to Belarusian restoration and design institute.

Turovskaya church n Ostrow in the twelfth century. Destroyed in ancient times due to deformation and tilting walls. At construction, obviously, mistakes were made in the distribution of loads on the ground. The walls of the church are preserved at a height of 0.3-0.5 m to 2
Results of studies have suggested that it was 6 Stolbova 3 apsidny Temple the total size of 28.2 x 16.5 m Pillars sectional Phillips. In the southwest corner of the church was located tower with a spiral staircase. Western steam column connected to the south side of North walls, resulting in a kind of porch was formed.
Walls of the church were built of plinfy on  solution in engineering masonry. The foundation consisted of boulders dry. Fresco Church had. The walls were decorated with architectural elements in the form of blades and pilasters.

In XII - early XIII centuries, shortly after the construction of the church been repaired. Porch erected a wall with a doorway was completely separated from the church. Was slightly elevated floor.

During excavations discovered three ancient sarcophagus of slate and unique stone relief depicting archer. Represents the archaeological site as part of the settlement.

Archaeologist Lysenko was found in 1992-1993 during the excavation of Turov settlement in the layers of the end of the tenth century the remains of a pagan temple, in the later layers - ruins of the temple, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1230 proposed, the remains of dwellings, burial coffins, lead seal Kiev Metropolitan Kirill I (1225-32), the so-called Turov crosses.

The high level of culture also found evidence zip from books, cult objects. Isolated finds, such as, fragments of amphora  with the Northern Black Sea or bronze ware, allow talk about relations with the inhabitants of ancient Turov trimmed enough land.

As the object of historical and cultural heritage of ancient settlement included in the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic reveal all text

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Address Turov, Castle hill GPS Google: 52.073307′ N, 27.723333′ E