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Brylevsky Field

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Type: Memorial complex Date of Foundation: 1812 - 1812 yy Status: Without a category Borisov district, village Bryli

Berezina in 1812 is already settled combination – a part world stories, apogee of war 1812. On river banks of Berezina near Borisov, in village Studenka and on Brylevsky Field the destiny not only Napoleon and the French army, but also all Europe dared. Here the history - Russian, French, Belorussian, Polish German, Swiss was written. In November, 1812 during a crossing through Berezina at village Studenka the considerable part was lost Napoleon”s armies . The Berezinsky crossing near Borisov, under the certificate historians, became the most gloomy page of history of wars of Napoleon. Having lost nearby 50 thousand persons, the most part of artillery and transports, on November, 26th the French army has ceased to exist as the organized fighting force.

In memory of those events, which occurred in Studenke in 1812, later 24 years have been established Monuments. In 1836 here there has arrived the representative of the Joint Staff of the Russian Armies colonel Jakovlev, personally to supervise over works on installation of a memorable monument on a place former French bridges, by then completely destroyed. Apropos installations of memorable signs there was even a decision of emperor Nikolay I. It has been established two memorable columns with a notch Latin «N» - Napoleon. Columns have been painted. How much they have staid it is not known, but in due course them not There was also anybody already in the end of ХIХ century precisely didn”t know, where there were bridges Eble and Shasslu. In 1898 the landowner Ivan Hrisanfovich Kolodeev has spent researches on a place of one of bridges, and in 1901 on its means and donations of citizens have been established on Distance approximately 170 meters from each other on a place of former bridges of Napoleon two Memorable sign. On everyone Memorable sign there was a memorial board with an inscription that here, on this place in 1812 there was a bridge for artillery (on the second – the bridge for infantry), constructed by Frenchmen for the purpose of a crossing through Berezina also that the sign is established on Donations of inhabitants of Borisov and district. On each monument were available Also Napoleon”s bas-reliefs I And Alexander I.

On November, 16th, 1997 on Brylevsky field the memorial monument has been opened still. It is devoted Frenchmen, By the victim here, around village Studenka and the Brylevsky field, it is devoted those To events which were developed here in November, 1812. Authors of a monument – Artist I.Misko

On Monument opening there has arrived the big group of Frenchmen, whose relatives for ever Remained on coast of Berezina, the director of the Parisian headed this ceremony The center of Napoleonic researches of Fernan Bokur. The ambassador of France in Belarus Mister Bernard Fase in the performance on an occasion of opening of a monument has told: «In consciousness of the French people Berezina associates with a series of misfortunes, Which pursued campaign of Napoleonic army... I bow Before memory of the French and Russian soldiers which were at war here. I decline The head before the Belorussian earth which became a shelter for these soldiers ». On November, 26th, 2006 near this monument burial place ceremony has taken place The French soldiers who were lost in 1812. In this ceremony have taken part Diplomats of many countries, clerics, representatives of the public. Played Military wind bands from Belarus and France. Volleys from ancient tools from which the field tightened sounded Powder smoke.

Today on the Brilevsky field annually in November are spent Fancy-dress reconstruction of fights and a crossing in which take part Representatives of historical clubs Poland, France, Russia, Germany .

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Address Borisov district, village Bryli GPS Google: 54.318225′ N, 28.349754′ E