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Confectionery «Slodych»

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Type: Industrial buildings Date of Foundation: 1905 year Status: Factories and plants Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Radialnaya, 54/2

Confectionary «Slodych» was established in 1905 under the name «George» famous pastry chef George Vikentievich Rachkovskiy. In 1917, on the basis of the former confectionery factory «George» was created trudkollektiv confectioners, later called «The first Belarusian confectionery factory».

The factory continued to operate and improve up to the war. Products delivered not only on the territory of modern Belarus, but also in the former Soviet Union. However, in 1941 the work of the plant had been suspended, and only after the end of World War II confectionery production was resumed again. By 1951 Minsk biscuit factory has started to produce 1980 tons per year, including only 117 tons of packaged products. Every year the range of products expanded, the factory has increased production rate.

In 1991, the Minsk confectionary factory was abolished, and its base was established Minsk confectionary factory №2 and Minsk confectionary factory «Kommunarka», and November 1, 1994 Minsk confectionary factory №2 renamed in The State Enterprise «Confectionery «Slodych».

Today «Slodych» known far abroad as one of the leading confectionery factories in Belarus. Daily production is modernized and improved. So, put into operation a new complex mechanized line for production of sugar varieties of cookies capacity of 25 tons per day.

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Address Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Radialnaya, 54/2 GPS Google: 53.900699′ N, 27.640467′ E