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Tour Slutsk belts factory

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Route: MinskSlutskMinsk
Distance: 220 km
Duration: 07:00 hour
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian

You will visit one of the largest Belarusian art crafts enterprises, the history of which is several centuries: in the second half of the 18th and the first half of the 19th centuries, the manufacture of belts was established at the manufactory owned by the Radzivils. Subsequently, these belts were called «Slutsk». Long, wide belts with a beautiful pattern and complex weaving of precious threads were a symbol of belonging to the elite. In 2012-2013, after studying the secrets of weavers, the artistic features of the belts and the materials from which they were made, in the ancient city of Slutsk recreated a unique technology. When making copies, weavers use natural silk, threads with gold and silver content. There are no analogues to these products in the world.

The excursion program

The excursion program - Slutsk belts factory

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
  • Moving
    Moving in Slutsk (105 km)
    Slutsk was first mentioned in the «Tale of Bygone Years» around 1116 as a town of the Turov land. Annals of Sluches, Slutsky. In 1160 he became the center of the specific Slutsk principality. In the 1320-30s he became a member of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Since 1395 belonged to the Olelkovic. From the XV century Slutsk was a large city; the center of the speech of the Belarusian feudal lords against the Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Sigismund Keystutovich, and in 1441 received the Magdeburg right and the coat of arms.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Church of Michael in Sluck (visual inspection)
    Of the many churches that once existed in Slutsk, to this day only one remains - Mikhailovskaya. It is a wooden church built in the second half of the 18th century, formerly a parish church, and now a cathedral of the newly-formed Slutsk Diocese.
  • Attraction
    Attraction St. Barbaras Chapel in Slutsk (visual inspection)
    The chapel of St. Barbara was built of wood in Slutsk in the 1990s. The architecture of the chapel traces the traditions of church architecture of the Russian North of the XII century. It is believed that the Christian martyr Saint Barbara (Barbara) of Iliopolska died in 306. For the prayer help to Varvara they are in danger of sudden death. Also, they address it when threatened by fire, lightning and fires. She is considered the patroness of sappers, firemen, architects, masons, miners, marines and artillerymen.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Factory of Slutsk belts
    The factory «Slutsk belts» is the only enterprise on which the unique technology of weaving of the Slutsk belts was recreated. Excursion to the factory introduces the technology of folk handicrafts - weaving. Here you can observe how masterpieces of art culture are created by weaver-craftsmen, see analogues of these Slutsk belts reconstructed with modern equipment. In the museum you can also see the machine of German company Mageba, made by special order and having no analogues all over the world. After the tour there is an opportunity to purchase souvenirs for memory.
  • Lunch
  • Moving
    Moving in Minsk (105 km)
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Slutsk belts factory