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Photo - Zhuprany

Status: Village The year of foundation: XV Grodno region, Oschmiany district

Location - Zhuprany

Zhuprany - agrotown in the Oshmyany district of the Grodno region. Located 10 km east of Oshmjany, on the left bank of the river Oshmyanka. Agrogorodok passes through Republic Autodor P63 (Borisov - Vileika - Oshmjany).

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History of the development - Zhuprany

The first written mention of the village date back to the XV century. For three centuries Zhuprany were the possession of the Radziwill family. Later it switched to Czapski. In 1854, construction began on a stone church of Saints Peter and Paul. In 1863-1864 local farmers took part in the uprising, which took place at a local marketplace. According to the Riga peace treaty in 1921 Zhuprany became part of the interwar Polish Republic. In 1939 Zhuprany joined the BSSR.

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Location map - Zhuprany

GPS Google: 54.470934′ N, 26.086227′ E