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Photo - Dukora

The population: 1.3 thousand. Status: Village Minsk region, Pukhovichy district

Location - Dukora

Dukora is an agrotown in the Pukhovichy district of the Minsk region. Dukora is located at a distance of 30 km from Minsk, located on the Svisloch River. The M5 motorway (Minsk-Gomel), which is part of the pan-European transport corridor, and the P69 motorway (Smolevichi - Smilovichi - Pravdinsky - Shatsk) are passing through the agrotown.

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History of the development - Dukora

In the XVI century, the territory of the modern Dukora was part of the county of Bakshty and belonged to Kezgaylam, from 1554 it was in the possession of their descendants along the female line: Zavishi and Shemetovo. The first written mention of Dukora dates back to 1582. At the same time, the local rural elder Eska Yuryevich is mentioned. Under 1592 and 1595 Jan and Vaclav Shemety are mentioned as owners of the settlement, the headman - S. Mazovka. Later the owners of the estate became Oginsky. The last owner of Dukora from the Oginsky family was Hetman Michal Casimir.

As a result of the second partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1793, Dukora found itself within the Russian Empire. In 1800 Dukora consisted of a manor, a small town, a village; had a church, a Jewish school, a stone church; 4 fairs were held annually. In the 1st half of the XIX century a stone palace was built in Dukora, at the same time a circus with foreign actors, an orchestra, a library worked here. In the First World War in February - December 1918, Dukora was under German occupation. On January 1, 1919, the settlement became part of the BSSR. In August 1919 - July 1920, Dukora was under Polish rule. Later Dukoru was reincorporated into the BSSR, where on August 20, 1924, it became the center of the village council. The status of the settlement was lowered to the village. In the 2000s, the settlement received the official status of agrotown.

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Tourism potential - Dukora

The main attraction of the agrotown, thanks to which it gained wide popularity throughout the country, is Dukora estate. Here, in a special way, the gentry life of an old manor intertwined with the ordinary life of modern man.

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Location map - Dukora

GPS Google: 53.673126′ N, 27.950124′ E