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Photo - Bryli

Status: Village The year of foundation: XIX Minsk region, Borisov district

Location - Bryli

Bryli is a village in Borisov district of Minsk region. The village is 18 km away from Borisov. A few kilometers from the village passes the P63 motorway (Borisov - Vileyka - Oshmyany).

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History of the development - Bryli

Bryli village is known from the beginning of the XIX century. In November 1812, the crossing of Napoleon’s troops crossed river Berezina near the village. By 1908 there were already 40 peasant households and 301 inhabitants in the village of Bryli, and in 1917, 57 households and 377 inhabitants. The events of the First and Second World Wars did not bypass Bryli. By 1960, there were 408 inhabitants in the village. At the moment, the village has less than a hundred courtyards and approximately as many permanent residents.

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Tourism potential - Bryli

Memorial at Brilevskoe field, on the site of the decisive battle between the Russian troops and the Great Army of Napoleon, perpetuates the heroic events of the Patriotic War of 1812.

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GPS Google: 54.324765′ N, 28.331278′ E