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Tour Minsk - Dudutki - Hatyn - Barrow of Glory (2 days)

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Route: MinskPtychMinskLogoiskSmolevichiMinsk
Distance: 340 km
Duration: 2 day
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian

You will get acquainted with the capital of Belarus, and its largest city - Minsk. His monumental post-war architecture in harmony with the monuments of the Middle Ages and modern buildings, avenues and noise - with the comfort of the old streets. You will visit the museum complex "Dudutki" where every day in front of the story comes to life. Finally touch on the history of the war years in the memorial dedicated destroyed together with the inhabitants of the village, and the Glory Mound - a monument of Liberation "Land under White Wings".

The excursion program

The cost of the tour Minsk - Dudutki - Hatyn - Barrow of Glory (2 days) for individual and corporate groups

  • E-ticket
  • 24/7 support
  • Meeting at the hotel


The cost of the tour 2-78-1920-5253-68
The cost for the group 32'577 39'032 51'126 54'956 Order
Price for 1 person in the group from 4'654 from 2'054 from 983 from 808

Included in the price

  • excursions according to the program
  • meeting/seeing off at the train station
  • certified guide services
  • transport services

Additional charge

  • accommodation
  • lunch
  • entrance tickets
    • Dudutki 687 / 418
    • Hill of Glory 30 / 15
    • viewpoint 119 / 104

The excursion program- Minsk - Dudutki - Hatyn - Barrow of Glory (2 days)

  • 1day
  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group at the railway station Minsk
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Dudutki

    Past and present , measured life of vintage nobles estate XIX century and convenience of the modern tourist center occur in Dudutki. Here you will get to know the culture of nobles court, the work of the artists, culinary heritage of our ancestors, charming nature, surprising fauna. All artifacts can be touched and tasted.

  • Lunch
  • Check in
    Check in
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Evening Minsk

    Minsk – the city with unique character and the person. For everyone it is the: at the same time Minsk remains both up-to-date, and ancient, and hasty, and slow, and business, and romantic … In a word, many-sided and cozy for each guest. The evening city will open before you absolutely on the other hand. Fires it is underlined modern constructions and will give magic and the night fairy tale to medieval constructions. In such atmosphere the feeling of a holiday does not leave for all evening.

  • 2day
  • Breakfast
  • Check out
    Check out
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Khatyn - The Mound of Glory

    We prepared for you a travel in the historical places storing heavy pages of military history of our country. In different corners of Belarus which lost every third inhabitant in 1941-1945 fortification constructions are restored, symbolical memorial complexes are created, the monuments devoted to events of the most tragic and bloody war on the Belarusian lands are established. You visit two memorial complexes: Khatyn and The Mound of Glory.

  • Lunch
  • Transfer to the railway station
    Transfer to the railway station
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Minsk - Dudutki - Hatyn - Barrow of Glory (2 days)