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Music Festival «Mirum Music Festival»

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In August, every year, under the walls of the medieval Mir Castle, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, atmospheric music fest «Mirum Music Festival» takes place.

The uniqueness of this event is that the «Mirum Music Festival» is the first open-air project in Belarus and on the territory of the CIS countries, in which the emphasis of the musical format is placed on a variety of genres and styles of music. Now the festival has become one of the most important and long-awaited musical events of Belarus. The best artists of Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine traditionally take part in the fest. So,For many years of the festival, such famous performers as Belarusian group Naviband, the Ukrainian - Onuka and The Hardkiss, Nino Katamadze. «Mirum Music Festival» is the brightest musicians, beautiful weather, food court, various kinds of entertainment, fair, lots of fun and positive emotions.

The festival is held under the walls of the unique medieval Mir Castle, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle is a former defensive fortification and the residence of well-known in Belarus families of Ilinichs, Radziwills, Wittgensteins and Svyatopolk-Mirskys. The architectural complex includes a residence-fortress, earthen ramparts, a picturesque park in English style, an Italian garden, a pond, a chapel-tomb of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family, a watchman's house, and a roadside chapel. In the castle there is a museum exposition of objects once belonged to the Radzivil family, Svyatopolk-Mirsky, etc. Near the town of Mir is the city of Nesvizh, the capital of the most powerful magnate family of Belarus - the Radziwills. Nesvizh Palace - a monument of architecture of the 16th-17th centuries, is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently, in the Nesvizh Palace is a museum, consisting of 30 rooms, telling about the life of the magnates of the Radziwills.

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