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Tour Following the Tadeush Kostyushko places

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Distance: 315 km
Duration: 10:00 hour
Excursion subject: For schoolchildren
Kind: Bus tours
Language of training: Russian

Perhaps, the most famous Belarusian in the world, the national hero of the USA and Poland, the honourable citizen of France. His name is carried by one of the districts of State of Indiana, the highest mountain in Australia, islands on Alaska, the city in the State of Mississippi, streets in the Polish and Belarusian cities, in the world more than 200 monuments are established and the set of publications and books is written. In what Tadeusz Kosciusko's merit? On a travel to home Kostyushki, at visit of his estate in Merechevshchina and temples in Kosovo you waits for a set of opening and the surprising facts. The excursion at one of the most beautiful palaces of Belarus - palace of Puslovsky.

The excursion program

The cost of the tour Following the Tadeush Kostyushko places for individual and corporate groups

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The cost of the tour 2-78-1920-5253-68
The cost for the group 16'660 23'041 39'466 41'087 Order
Price for 1 person in the group from 2'380 from 1'213 from 759 from 604

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Additional charge

  • lunch
  • entrance tickets
    • museum of T.Kostyushko Mereschevschina 90 / 60
    • Kosovo Palace 150 / 90

The excursion program- Following the Tadeush Kostyushko places

  • Gathering the group
    Gathering the group
    In Brest
  • Moving
    Moving in Mal. Sehnovichi (41 km)
  • Attraction
    In the village Small Sekhnovichi once there was a family estate Kostyushek. Today on his place it is possible to see only the lime avenue. In 1930 in Small Sekhnovichakh has been established Tadeusz Kostyushki's memorial bust. Later in the building of local school his museum has been open.
  • Moving
    Moving in Chizhevschina (21 km)
  • Attraction
    Attraction St. Vladimir Church and Memorial Chapel in Chizhevschina (visual inspection)
    Several centuries ago the town of Krupchitsy was in the place of Chizhevshchina. Exactly here at the end of the 18th century there was largest and very known battle between group of the Russian soldiers and insurgents under the leadership of Tadeusz Kosciusko. The set of a sacrifice was made by fight for independence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 100 years later, in memory of battle, on this place the temple which was named in honor of Sacred Vladimir has been open. And in 10 years also the memorial chapel in memory of the dead has appeared.
  • Moving
    Moving in Kossovo (130 km)
  • Lunch
    At the request of a group lunch can be arranged in one of the cafes or on a farm. In the summer is possible picnic outdoors.
  • Attraction
    Attraction St. Anthony Church in Kossovo (visual inspection)
    In the second half of the 19th century, soon after Kastusya Kalinovsky's revolt, in the territory of Belarus churches which have received the name «muravyevka» were in large quantities built. The Orthodox churches of the same name were under construction by order of the governor general Muravyev. One of such monuments of architecture has remained also in Kosovo. Here he represents the retrospective-Russian style.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Trinity Church in Kossovo (visual inspection)
    Cold February, 1746, in even wooden church of the village of Kosovo, christened the Boy Tadeusz. And parents didn't suspect still that their son will become the world famous military, the revolutionary and the political figure. And in century on this place there was a bright representative of style of a neogottika - the Troitsk church which works to this day and attracts with fine shape guests and residents of Kosovo.
  • Museum
    Museum Museum - Estate Kostyushko Merechevschina
    The natural boundary Merechevshchina is a small homeland of the person who became the hero of two continents. The exposition of the museum located against the background of the picturesque nature acquaints with life and famous Litvin's achievements of Andriy Tadeusz Bonaventura Kosciusko. Here both reflection of life, and the copy of his personalized weapon, and a braid - weapon of peasants-kosinyerov who battled under supervision of Tadeusz Kosciusko, and objects of use of a small Belarusian shlyakhta.
  • Attraction
    Attraction Kossovo Castle in Kossovo
    Kossovo Palace of the Puslovskys - one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Belarus, preserved to this day. Built in the first half of the XIX century, palace has more than 100 rooms and 12 towers, each of which symbolizes the month of the year. The so-called Kossovo castle during its prosperity was a constant object of discussion, thanks to its curiosities. According to the stories of local residents, in one of the rooms was a glass floor, under which the contents of an aquarium with fish, and at night the palace wandered silently and guarded the owners' property by a real lion.
  • Moving
    Moving in Brest (150 km)
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Following the Tadeush Kostyushko places