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Tour Weekend in Belarus (2 days)

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Route: MinskZhodinoMinskPtychMinsk
Distance: 198 km
Duration: 2 day
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian

The two-day tour "Days Off in Belarus" - an excellent opportunity for so small term to get acquainted with the brightest features of the country. You will look at the person of the country – its capital. In Dudutki you learn about original culture and national crafts, you will get acquainted with traditions and life of the 19th century. And having visited the Mogilev Automobile Plant – you will see with own eyes as world-class giants – BELAZ rock trucks are born on light.

The excursion program

The excursion program- Weekend in Belarus (2 days)

  • 1day
  • Gathering the group
    08:00 Gathering the group at the railway station Minsk
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion
    Excursion 10:00 tour BELAZ - brand of Belarus

    The excursion will spend you through the modern industrial city – Zhodino where you with own eyes will see as giants of the Belarusian and world mechanical engineering – BELAZ are born. They work in dozens of the countries of the world. Production of the plant won not one prestigious award of the international level and became the repeated champion of the Guinness Book of Records. Today "BELAZ" not only brand of the career equipment, but also brand symbol of independent Belarus.

    You will see: BELAZ plant
    Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction Attraction
  • Transfer to the hotel. Check in
    Transfer to the hotel. Check in
  • Free time
    Free time
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Evening Minsk

    Minsk – the city with unique character and the person. For everyone it is the: at the same time Minsk remains both up-to-date, and ancient, and hasty, and slow, and business, and romantic … In a word, many-sided and cozy for each guest. The evening city will open before you absolutely on the other hand. Fires it is underlined modern constructions and will give magic and the night fairy tale to medieval constructions. In such atmosphere the feeling of a holiday does not leave for all evening.

  • 2day
  • Breakfast
  • Check out
    09:30 Check out
  • Excursion
    Excursion tour Dudutki

    Past and present , measured life of vintage nobles estate XIX century and convenience of the modern tourist center occur in Dudutki. Here you will get to know the culture of nobles court, the work of the artists, culinary heritage of our ancestors, charming nature, surprising fauna. All artifacts can be touched and tasted.

  • Transfer to the railway station
    15:30 Transfer to the railway station
  • Free time
    Free time
    Near the station infrastructure is well developed. Here it is possible to find a set of shops, souvenir shops, cafe and restaurants, gambling institutions and movie theaters.
  • The end of the tour

Map of the tour route Weekend in Belarus (2 days)