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Tour Minsk-Hatyn-Mir-Nesvizh–Dudutki (3 days)

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Route: MinskLogoiskSmolevichiMinskMirNesvizhMinskPtychMinsk
Distance: 610 km
Duration: 3 day
Kind: Bus-Walking tours
Language of training: Russian

Minsk is a city where everyone will find something close to the soul: noisy avenues and squares or quiet cozy streets, shopping and entertainment centers or museum complexes, a rich history of the past or fascinating modernity. The second page of history will be Khatyn - a memorial dedicated to the villages that were destroyed in the war years and their inhabitants. The world and Nesvizh will tell you about the heritage of the Middle Ages - this is the story of the mighty Radziwill family, it is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. And Dudutki are places where history will come to life in your eyes: in tastings and in handicraft workshops.

The excursion program

The cost of the tour Minsk-Hatyn-Mir-Nesvizh–Dudutki (3 days) for individual and corporate groups

  • E-ticket
  • 24/7 support
  • Meeting at the hotel


The cost of the tour 2-78-1920-5253-68
The cost for the group 43'580 52'773 77'342 85'723 Order
Price for 1 person in the group from 6'226 from 2'778 from 1'487 from 1'261

Included in the price

  • excursions according to the program
  • meeting/seeing off at the train station
  • certified guide services
  • transport services

Additional charge

  • accommodation
  • lunch
  • entrance tickets
    • Dudutki 669 / 407
    • Hill of Glory 29 / 15
    • Mir Castle 407 / 203
    • Nesvizh Palace 465 / 233
    • viewpoint 102 / 73
    • catholic church Nesvizh 29 / 29

The excursion program- Minsk-Hatyn-Mir-Nesvizh–Dudutki (3 days)

Map of the tour route Minsk-Hatyn-Mir-Nesvizh–Dudutki (3 days)