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Legend "Komarovka"

Once on the porch of the Nicholas Church idleness fool Fedka Komar, usually fed by the alms of the townspeople, was idle. He witnessed how a man suddenly died on the way to the temple. In his hands he had a heavy dirty bag.

In the place where St. Nicholas Cathedral stood, in ancient times there was a cemetery. They said that the dying robber Senka Sokol, the best of the guards of Prince Gleb Vseslavich, was buried here with all his treasures on him.

A fool, grabbing the bag, ran into the nearest forest, away from human eyes. Gold glittered at the bottom of the bag. It seems that someone seized the treasure of Senka. However, gripped by fear and greed, Fedka Komar did not notice how he landed in a swamp. And it swallowed the greedy fool and his treasures. Since then, this place and became known as Komarovka.

According to another version, the name comes from a huge number of mosquitoes, flying in abundance over this swampy terrain. At first, only the village located here, and later the whole area, was so called.

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