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The Church of St. John Kristitel in Golshany

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Type: Katolik churches Style: Baroque Date of Foundation: 18 century Status: Republican value Grodno area, Oshmyany district, village Golshany

The Franciscan church in Golshany - an architectural monument of the Baroque style. Built in 1618, in the 2nd half of the XVIII century. rebuilt (most researchers agree that while the original church was demolished almost to ground level). The building is rectangular in plan, divided into three naves. The main facade Bezbashenny: its main decorative element is shaped pediment with volutes. A similar architectural design and is marked on the rear facade of the sanctuary environment. The walls are decorated with pilasters, niches and windows are cut with scalloped endings: the average, maximum, the nave of the church blocked by cylindrical arch, lateral, lower, aisles - with cross.

The interior walls are decorated with an order plasticity, and in the upper parts have balustrade. The interior of the church has preserved from the XVIII century. colorful painting of a flat wall of the altar with the illusory effect apsidnogo semicircle, as if adorned with tufts of columns with a broken entablature and complex sculptural groups. In the first aisle, near the altar, gravestones preserved sculptural monument P. Sapega (sculpture now moved to the museum in Minsk, Belorussian Academy of Sciences).

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Address Grodno area, Oshmyany district, village Golshany GPS Google: 54.256835′ N, 26.010064′ E